big data is futureRegardless of industry or company size, Big Data has become the latest buzzword amongst businessmen nowadays. I assume that 99.9% of the people reading this post know what data is- a collection of facts, statistics, and information on a given subject.

But have you ever wondered what is Big data and why it is so critical to understand? In today’s connected world, there is a surfeit of data being churned out from multiple sources, both structured and unstructured such as information from enterprise applications, social media, Internet, and mobile. And the momentum only continues to grow. Henceforth, it is said that the available data globally today is doubling every 12 months and is expected to only increase further.

Big Data Analytics across Industries

You know it already since to beat the fierce competition and to continue to ride the growth in your business you have to adapt to market trends. And here’s how Big Data analytics can help across diverse scenarios. One of the common examples can be taken of a retailer who is capable enough to sift through tonnes of consumer data to derive insights on shopping preferences and directly targeted campaigns. Moreover, it can even be extended to capture the personal preferences and likes of the shopper and provide customized offers, leading to increased hit rates and revenues. As a result, it becomes a win-win situation for both parties as the consumer gets required information and retailer enjoys revenue growth and potential customer loyalty as well.

However, adopting the concept of big data does not mean that you require adopting a big-bang approach all the time and is equally useful and effective in behind-the-scene scenarios for retailers. It can be easily used for dramatic reduction in processing time especially when comparing product information residing across multiple data sources.

Apart from business, Big data analysis has immense potential in the field of healthcare too. Imagine a hospital is able to go through its patients based on diseases. By doing this, doctors themselves would be able to detect the onset of a disease much early on and the benefits of such an approach cannot be overstated.

Another example is from the telecom industry. It is assumed that mobile connections will exceed 6 billion globally and in India, there are close to 750 million subscribers in the upcoming years. The biggest impact of the technology can be experienced by studying subscriber persona and usage patterns and using that intelligence to devise targeted marketing campaigns. Moreover, it can also help telcos determine what additional services are likely to find favor with subscribers and offer them appropriately.

Impact of Big Data Analytics on the C# Programming Language

Like I said before, big data analytics has become a huge trend these days. Moreover, it has become a consideration when it comes to the various programming languages today. Due to which programmers require staying updated all the time with evolving technology.

There is no reason why C# could not be used for big data science. This is because traditionally, C# is part of the framework of .NET. Anything that is written in Python or Java could be written in C# too. In fact, C# is such a language that is actually better suited for big data kind of algorithms as compared to Java. A year ago, Microsoft opened its world for the technology with the Hadoop on Windows initiative. A year later, the technology has a brand, which is HDInsight and considerable integration with .NET. Hadoop is queried natively via imperative Java code, using a two-pass approach that’s called MapReduce. In the framework, a Map function preprocesses data first and a Reduce function aggregates it.

On and all, bring Hadoop to Windows has given integration and debugged support for C#. As a result, it goes a long way in making Hadoop an enterprise technology that is developer-friendly.

C# and Its Hype

The popularity of C# has grown higher than ever. It may quite interest you to know that the programming language was termed as the programming language of 2012 with PYPL or the Popularity of Programming Language index. A few years back, it rose by 2.3 percent, i.e. more than any other programming language across the globe. Big data as a system impacts C# development in a huge and positive way.


The landscape of big data is changing day in day out and tools used for extracting have grown in numbers. Henceforth, it is always advisable to seek help from a recognized C# development company that has a track record of delivering solutions within estimated time.

The article is by Nishtha Singh, a Presales Manager at TatvaSoft UK and writes about various technology trends, Digital Marketing, Management, Entrepreneurship, Startups and much more.


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