big data in marketing

It would not be wrong to say that we are living in the golden age of access to information. The amount of data to which a common man has access to these days was never possible in the past. When you have that much data lying in front of you the possibilities are endless. You can use that data to uncover hidden truths, read patterns and find correlations.

When you examine such a large amount of data on the computation level, it is referred to as big data. With the increase in targeted marketing, big data is more vital than ever. Not only it allows you to target the right kind of audience but it allows you to do it convincingly as well. In this article, I have mentioned a few ways in which you can use big data in your marketing for better results.

Utilize Google Trends

Google Trends is not just an excellent way of utilizing big data but is also one of the most accessible ones. If you have just recently started taking an interest in big data, then Google trends is the perfect platform for you. Google is the biggest search engine in the world, and it can easily tell you what people in the world are looking for. As the name suggests Google trends tell you what topics are trending presently. You can also pick your niche and can see what the hottest topic in it is.

This will allow you to single out the trends in your market allowing you to strategize your campaigns accordingly. It adds that timely factor on your target audience. Not only are you defining the attributes of your target audience, but you are changing them with time to time depending on what is popular among them.

Use Social Proof to Your Advantage

Social proof in marketing can be referred to as the reputation of a business in the mind of a prospect generated by the reviews given to it in the past by its customers. Big data can help you create a social proof strategy that will allow you to win more customers. You can start by distinguishing your most in-demand product and what its reviews are.

This will allow you to understand what is working for you and how you can capitalize on it. It is basic consumer psychology that they are more likely to buy or show interest in a similar kind of product.  Similarly, you can also identify what products are on the bottom of the performance chart and what the reviews are saying about them. You can provide your customers with a better experience by making improvements in those products.

Digital Information Can Help You Improve ICP

Digital analytics can help you make a close to perfect ideal customer profile. The heaps of analytics allow you to define our target audience with more than just a few attributes. In the past, marketers had to work twice as hard and all they could do was come up with a guess about the age and demographics of their target audience. But now even the guesses you make are backed up by so much data that they cannot be overlooked. For example, you can find out easily what social media your ideal customer uses mostly. You can also add things like what websites they visit most, what kind of products or services they mostly get online. So the ideal customer profile now you can make is not just an educated guess; it can be backed by hard facts as well.

Big Data Helps You Identify the Right Type of Content

You have been posting a lot of content on your blog, and it is producing good results for you; but out of that pool of content what kind of content is actually attracting the audience? While it could not have been answered before, it can be answered accurately with the help of the analytics provided to you by big data. And not just that it also helps you identify which content strategies are working for you or your competitors. With such convenience, the risks businesses used to take have been minimalized. Now even the experimental marketing campaigns are backed up by so much hard data.


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