big data in digital transformation

Data analytics has increased its importance over the years. Statistics show that around 67% of small businesses spend approximately $10K per year on data analytics. It is not surprising that the number is projected to double in the coming years. With today’s competition in different niches, it is challenging to stand out from other businesses, and data analytics can be a lifesaver. 

Investing in the right data analytics tools allows every company to open successful business opportunities regardless of its size. Particularly, it helps organizations make quick decisions, establish a more effective marketing campaign, achieve better customer service, and take operations to a different level. What else? Below, we gather other reasons small, medium-sized, and large businesses make data analytics a top priority. 


Every business aims to level up customer experience and establish a long-term relationship. But it is not as easy as A, B, C. It is nerve-wracking and challenging even for big companies. Spending time, resources, and efforts to understand customers’ unique needs and requirements is a brilliant idea. Data analytics can do the trick. 

However, not all businesses cannot get the most out of their data analytics platform. So, do not relax. Once you have obtained potential clients’ information, exert effort to prove that they have made a good decision. Make sure to provide products or services that resonate to their expectations, needs, and other requirements. Focus on your team training. Aim to unleash their full potentials to meet and exceed the changing market demands. It is also crucial to develop and streamline your operations. Be sure it is smooth, quick, and of high-quality, too. 

Unfortunately, you cannot turn each of these into a reality right away. It does not happen overnight. It takes a long process, so you also have to be patient. 

Reduce Risk and Fraud

According to Statista, data breaches in the US in 2020 were approximately 1001 cases, which is alarming. Out of that number, 45% of breaches were due to hacking, 22% involved phishing, and 17% caused by malware. 

Data breaches are among the main concerns of businesses of all sizes. Prevention is always a better idea, and the use of data analytics can play a significant role. With a trusted platform, protecting any intellectual, physical, and financial assets from external and even internal assets will be easier than ever. Whether it is detecting fraudulent activity, anticipating future activity, or determining/tracking perpetrators, a data analytics can provide many possibilities, making it a worthwhile and lasting investment every business can be proud of. 

It is also important to remember that your workforce should be properly oriented and trained when turning into data analytics. Proper and regular training is something you cannot ignore. With enough experience and knowledge, the implementation of your data analytics will not be as stressful as you imagine. 

Providing Products or Services that Resonate With Your Clients’ Expectations

You have launched your products or services recently. Your sales, revenues, or profits are stagnant. The number of your customers does not grow as planned. What is the problem? Let’s admit it! The problem lies to your service or product. Maybe, it does not solve your market’s pain points. Perhaps, it does not resonate to customer’s other needs. Whatever the case may be, you should always be open to innovation. 

Your team, in particular, needs to determine the trends that drive a strategic roadmap for new features and development. How to make it happen, though? Again, data analytics is worth your time and effort. It’s good news that you have a talented and capable team. But it is not enough. Having a data analytics is a perfect addition to your business operation, system, and transaction. 


Do you encounter so much trouble when handling any structured data? Do you experience a hard time coping with the volatility created by your target market? If yes, you are not alone, remember. Most companies, small or big businesses, have the same situation. 

How to solve this predicament? All you have to do is try to make your clients feel valued, come up with quick decisions, and react in no time. Big data analytics can make them happen. More particularly, big data allows businesses to interact with clients according to the latter’s personality and attitudes. 

That way, you can provide individualized or personalized services that your market would love throughout the years. When looking for big data analytics, do not be tempted to invest in the cheapest platform. Always direct your attention to a solution that is of great value for your convenience and satisfaction. It is also helpful to ask your colleagues or friends for some referrals. 

Taking Customer Experience to New Heights 

It is normal for businesses to fail in managing operations. But when left unattended or unsolved for days or weeks, it can lead to costly issues, damage customer experience, and affect brand loyalty. It is time to look for, apply, and implement data analytics into your system. 

From designing, controlling your process to streamlining your business operations, big data is a multipurpose tool you cannot afford to miss. That is not all! Data analytics can scale the production of your goods without compromising efficiency. Over time, it can go beyond your customer’s expectations, helping you achieve excellence, innovation, transparency, and integrity. 

For a business to thrive in the industry, improving your market’s experience should be your number one goal whatever happens. Provide them with something useful and price your services properly. Do not make your services cheap. People are willing to pay any price as long as a product is valuable. 

So, you have finally decided to use big data analytics. What is the option that best suits your goals? With the variety of platforms to consider, you are probably overwhelmed. But there is nothing to worry about. This is where Clickstream data analysis can come into play. Whether you want to improve your customer experience, boost your company’s revenues, or stand out from the competition, this platform will never be a disappointment. What are you waiting for?