BIg_Data_ROIAnalytics is an essential tool for any business. Due to the possibility of extracting beneficial information from analytics, organizations have the opportunity to increase efficiency, profits, and effectively scale up.

This is due to the fact that the extracted information can be utilized for many different processes. For instance, it can be used to analyze customers and decide on what direction to go in with new products. In addition, analytics makes it possible to better predict how market trends will change in the future.

Due to the usefulness of analytics, it’s imperative they are implemented into your business strategy. However, you might be currently asking the question: how do I track analytics for my company? If so, read on below to find out the best methods for using analytics to improve various different areas of business.


There are many different ways to measure sales, study the figures, and use them to your advantage.

To start with, you can use analytics to simply view your sales figures. Are they growing at the rate you desire? Perhaps they’ve hit a wall? Maybe one product is massively outselling another? By taking a closer look at the figures, you will gain a clearer picture as to how your company is performing and what steps might need to be taken to improve.

Another stat you can view is the average purchase value. One of the best methods to boost revenue is by increasing each sale’s average purchase value. As a result, it pays to delve into these analytics and see what can be done to bump up the average across the board.

Website Traffic

Measuring website traffic gives a greater insight into your customer base. For example, you can measure users based on their gender, age, interests, geographic location, and so on. When you know this information, you can better tailor your products and services to potential clients.

If you take a closer look at your traffic, you also have the opportunity to analyze what content’s working best on your website. If certain content is outperforming the rest, place a greater focus on it with additional resources. Similarly, you can also track referrals and outbound links, and learn which of these are performing — and which are worth scrapping.


Organizing a fleet to work like a well-oiled machine is a difficult task. If your business utilizes a fleet, you will already know the challenge of ensuring the correct vehicle is going to the correct destination, the right inventory is being transported, and so on.

Thankfully, the task can be made easier with technologies like Samsara fleet management software. Along with real-time tracking of drivers and the ability to quickly share receipts, this management package also delivers valuable analytics.

With these analytics, you have the opportunity to further fine-tune your entire fleet operation. You can analyze the most efficient methods and routes for your fleet to take and you can view fuel costs. By inspecting these facts and figures, you will gain greater insight into how to save money and maximize revenue.


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