online gamingArtificial intelligence and machine learning help predict patterns in a sport, but for AI to work well, the sport must be predictive and must follow a particular set of rules. This may seem a contradiction in terms, but it is possible as most sports have strict rules that are always followed.

For instance, football, which has a specific set of rules with a short duration and gets repeatable, can be used for the AI model, where over a hundred thousand videos of the games were put through the algorithm for one to see patterns that AI can predict. The actual effect of the technology is felt when it provides these insights in real-time, which might impact the significant factors of betting.

For those who are new to sports betting, sports betting is when people place money on a sports line. Sports bets are used in multiple aspects of the game.

Read on to find out the impact AI is having on the world of sports.

What role does AI play in this?

Artificial Intelligence systems are exceptionally good at predictions. They have no inherent biases and can make objective assessments of the situation at hand. AI can also handle far more data than a human can, allowing them to quickly analyze previous scenarios that are similar and predict outcomes based on those.

AI is currently used as a supplement to oddsmakers because AI is excellent at predicting patterns, but to ensure it works perfectly, the sport must be predictable. This limits the current ability of AI for betting because the sport is not entirely predictable. There is always an element of unpredictability in any game that relies on humans. Arguably it is this element of surprise which makes watching sports so enjoyable.

What is the future of AI in sports betting?

Currently, Artificial Intelligence can only work as an asset to oddsmakers in its current state. However, AI has made huge strides in development and capabilities. In the future, there may be an AI that does not just take in the quantitative data but also the qualitative data to make more accurate odds that it will win more frequently.

How AI affects sports?

If Artificial Intelligence was extremely accurate, this could lead to a lack of motivation for customers to bet because it could become harder to win. A benefit of oddsmakers making the line is gauging fan bases’ attitudes and making it a borderline bet to motivate gamblers and safe enough to ensure earnings for the source. However, take this with a grain of salt since this is ultimately hypothetical. 

Big Data and AI in the world of finance and gambling.

Big Data won’t change your sporting life if you have no clue how to use it. In traditional times pre AI, financial analytics detailed just price behavior. These days, you must also consider politics, geopolitics, and social trends to accurately predict the bottom line.

You can use Big Data in predictive models to estimate the likely return rate on an investment. Investors have a greater understanding of risk, which leads to more efficient decisions, but Big Data will only tilt the odds in your favor slightly when it comes to sports.

Big Data takes time to collate. In finance and betting, seconds are precious, leading to individuals eschewing the data in a rush to make their investment or bet. Time is money, after all.

Machine learning – AI

As we have discussed, Big Data works best with AI and vice versa. Machine learning is AI using past information to make better decisions in the present and future. While humans often make the same mistake more than once, a well-designed program makes the error once at most and learns how to avoid making it forever.

Through this process, AI can analyze markets, social media, and other Big Data to analyze market sentiment in a manner that is impossible for a human. It was assumed that AI was incapable of ‘human thinking.’ However, recent developments in the field with Go and Poker have suggested that this may not be the case and that we’re well on the way to creating AI that is capable of human thought.

Real-time analytics

Successful trading and investing require the individual to find the best value ‘bet.’ Act at a specific time or strike while the iron is hot and all the while making as few mistakes as possible.

It is in real-time that a combination of Big Data and AI works seamlessly. With instantaneous analytics, you can use the tech to browse the markets to find immediate opportunities. Can you imagine a situation where you could ‘clean up’ and utilize a massive amount of information efficiently to make a profitable trade?

Big Data will gather all the necessary details. Then, AI finds the best value proposition at the correct time. As the machine has no human fallibilities such as being led by emotion, it won’t make the same mistakes as you would – sound great!

As far as sports betting is concerned, you use the combination of Big Data and machine learning to determine the risk associated with the line and then, you can decide if the potential gamble is worth that risk.


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