ai in app developmentMobile apps have become an important part of our daily life and simplified every single activity that we do. Due to the introduction of smart apps, it gets easy for us to perform a certain set of action with just a few clicks. Whether it is about dining, driving or parenting, you can do everything with these featured mobile apps. By the arrival of AI, these apps have major influence in our conversation with the devices, including mobile apps. Artificial Intelligence has opened multiple possibilities for us.

AI is not just a new technology, but it has a broad multifaceted influence that runs from machine learning to the important advanced algorithms. When it is about mobile application, Artificial Intelligence plays an important role. In some situations, it plays an important role in building mobile apps. In certain conditions, it facilitates smooth user interaction with applications.

What AI-based apps can do?

  • Study the user context and preferences and predict what they need.
  • Helps in making more informed and right decisions.
  • Facilitates relevant information.
  • Proactively respond on behalf of the user.
  • Task automation using if and then commands.
  • Do communication on your behalf.
  • Save you from long several-step process execution route.
  • Do the required activities at the right time without even bothering you with notifications.

Impact of AI on mobile app development:

Facilitates automation

The confusion associated with AI is that it may reduce the requirement of human design. The fact is that it helps in taking better decisions. AI facilitates automated reasoning that resolves several issues. You can take the example of rideshare apps that make use of automated reasoning to know the best methods based on all the existing data.

Improves user engagement 

Artificial Intelligence is the most effective way of retaining users based on their behavior. When it is about real-time action, mobile applications having AI infused in it can extort a lot of user information. It does the data auditing for understanding the behavior of the consumer plays an important role in improving the performance of the app. AI helps in documenting the location and transferring that data. It lets you analyze the user experience and enhance your performance.

The experience of the user can be further enhanced as AI bots helps interact with the users when there would be an issue. It has been predicted that 80-90% of customer interaction might be based on AI by the end of 2025.

Usually, apps don’t perform well because they are not able to get the attention of the users. AI helps examine the preferences and trends of that user and integrating the data into an algorithm. It allows timely notifications of the users and keeps them interested in an app.

Developers can code creatively

By the help of AI, you can make changes in the foundation of the app. It suggests different creative ways of coding. Developers who understand how to make the best use of AI can use specific code in an adjustable setting.

Allows personalized experience

Personalization has an important role in mobile application development.If you want to get unique experience, AI is capable of doing it through taking the personal user experience to an upgraded level. Anyone of you who is using an app based on Application Interface can obtain a personalized experience with suggestions based on past behaviors and other important factors.

If you are looking for the best example of intelligent apps, the most suitable example could be “Amazon Go” or “My Starbucks.” These are the best example of AI-based applications, which consider the behavior of the user and analyze what they want to do.

Enhance the productivity of daily operations

AI is helpful in almost all phases of life. When this specific technology is embedded into apps, it is capable of improving day to day life. With AI integrated apps, it gets easy to identify areas and visit them easily. In the education industry, these applications can improve the learning experience. The fact is that AI-based apps can increase the productivity of your daily work. While using the AI apps, you are not required to perform every single activity on your own. Suppose you write some spelling, AI-based apps can compose and correct your spellings on its own. It can recognize your face and inform you when your pictures would be posted online.


The application of AI is quite huge in mobile app development. It provides a support system to mobile apps with extraordinary functions. This is capable of giving a personalized experience. By using Artificial intelligence-based apps, you can be ahead of your competitors. Using these applications, you may enhance the engagements of the users.

AI facilitates smooth interaction with your mobile app users. These apps remember the choices of the app users and provide the best user experience with appealing UI. AI-based apps are available with customized responses for the user’s queries. Not only this, Artificial Intelligence based apps save time.

In the future, AI technology will have complete control over the mobile app development industry. That is why, most of the mobile app development companies are exploring for AI solutions. Also read store.ramotion blog about mobile app development process.

the post is by Tom Hardy is a mobile app development expert associated with Sparx IT Solutions, a first-rated company, famous for developing user-friendly apps. Through his write-up, he wants to share the importance of AI-based mobile apps with the businesses looking for innovative AI solutions.


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