big dataSenior Directors from 11 telecom operators namely Aircel, Bedigital, Bharti Airtel, Celcom, Digi, Globe Telecom, Indosat, StarHub, True Corporation, Vodafone & XL Axiata will be sharing case studies and perspectives on how to monetise internal and external big data at Monetising Big Data in Telecoms World Summit 2015 which will be held from 20 to 21 April 2015 in Singapore.

The theme of this summit is ‘Monetising internal and external big data to drive brand loyalty and develop new revenue streams’.

Singapore (January 20, 2015) / — Monetising Big Data in Telecoms World Summit 2015 will be held from 20 to 21 April 2015 in Singapore.  The conferencewill draw together highly-regarded expert speakers from across the ecosystem of telecommunications industry and big data analytics solution providers to present to you the latest key issues in monetising internal and external big data.  The highlights of the summit will be Case Studies and Perspectives to be shared by telecoms operators on their efforts in using data analytics to drive customer brand loyalty and develop possible new revenue streams. 

Senior Directors from 11 telecom operators namely Aircel, Bedigital, Bharti Airtel, Celcom, Digi, Globe Telecom, Indosat, StarHub, True Corporation, Vodafone & XL Axiata will be sharing case studies and perspectives on critical key issues at this Monetising Big Data in Telecoms World Summit 2015.

The following key issues will be addressed at this conference:

  •       Building a Secure Data Center Infrastructure in Asia 
  •       Operator Keynote Address – Big Data: From Concept to Revenue 
  •       Operator Case Study –How to Gain Competitive Advantage and Drive Brand Loyalty Whilst Ensuring Customer Privacy? 
  •       Creating Real Time, Data Based Platform to Improve Customer Experience with Analytics       
  •       How to effectively extract actionable insights from Unusual Large Sets Data? 
  •       Operator Case Study – Leveraging Untapped Internet Activity Data and Proactive Communications to Turn Subscribers into Fans 
  •       Operator Case Study – Predictive Churn and Customer Behaviour Analysis
  •        Operator Case Study – How Mobile Operators Can Drive Customer Experience Management Strategies Based Upon Big Data Analysis? 
  •       Operator Case Study – Deploying and Creating Value Utilising Big Data Analytics 
  •       INTERACTIVE PANEL DISCUSSION:Challenges and Opportunities in Big Data Analytics for Telcos
  • Business aspect
  • Technology aspect
  • Privacy aspect
  •       Issues and Challenges of Existing Big Data Technologies in Telcos 
  •       Operator Keynote Address – Challenges of Getting Investments into Big Data Projects for Telcos 
  •       Operator Case Study – How Big Data Can Be Applied to Strategic & Tactical Commercial Requirements? 
  •       How to Exploit A New Focus on Big Data to Gain A Competitive Advantage? 
  •       Big Data Monetization – The Path from Internal to External 
  •       The Journey to Successful Analytics – Where to Start and Why? 
  •       Analytics to Enhance Quality of Service and Quantity of Experience 
  •       Operator Case Study – Embracing Customer Feedback to Enhance Customer Loyalty 
  •       Operator Case Study – Business Intelligence in an Era of Big Data 
  •       Operator Case Study – How to Convert Big Data into Tangible Revenue Streams? 
  •       Operator Case Study – The Algorithmic Marketing Revolution 

INTERACTIVE PANEL DISCUSSION:Finding New Streams of Revenue through Effective Big Data Strategy 

  • Who Are the Buyers and Sellers of Big Data and What Does Each Party Bring to the Table?
  • Who are the main buyers and sellers of Big Data?
  • What markets do they operate in?
  • What types of information are they buying? 
  •  How Can Operators Offer Analytics as An Effective Service? 
  •  Correlating real-time analytics across multiple data sources
  •  Big data and impact on ROI
  •  How to calculate an effective and practical ROI? 

Companies representing the Telecom Industry and Big Data Analytics Ecosystem will be speaking at this conference : 

  • Rishi Jain, Head for Product Analytics & Pricing, Aircel, India
  • Rohit Kanwar, Head of Customer Management & Big Data Analytics, Bedigital, Indonesia
  • Rahul Gandhi, GM & Head – High Value Customer Experience and Post-Paid Inbound Operations, Bharti Airtel, India
  • George Chua, Head of Commercial Analytics, Celcom Axiata, Malaysia
  • Miri Duenias, Senior Director, Head of Marketing Analytics, cVidya, Israel
  • Dr Suresh Ramasamy, Principal Consultant-Technology Strategy, DiGi, Malaysia
  • Andres Montiel, Head, Data 2.0, Globe Telecom, Philippines
  • Prashant Gokarn, Chief Strategy & Planning Officer, Indosat, Indonesia
  • Dr Lim Woo Lip, Vice President, SmartHub Data Analytics Division, StarHub, Singapore 

Guy van den Berg, Senior Communications Industry Consultant,Teradata, Singapore

  • DrRujikorn Pavasuthipaisit, Head of Strategic Project Development and Research, True Corporation, Thailand
  • Chandresh Sanwal, Head – Analytics & Data Strategy, Vodafone, New Zealand
  • Pradeep Jha, GM – Customer Analytics, XL Axiata, Indonesia 

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