Cassandra Day Los Angeles 2015 – February 12th, 2015

cassandraAre you interested in big data and/or database technologies….so we wanted to let you know about our Cassandra Day LA event on Thursday, February 12, 2015. This is your chance to get up to speed on the most scalable and performant NoSQL/”Big Data” database around. See why companies like Apple, Hulu, UBS, Target, and Expedia are flocking from MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, and MongoDB to use Cassandra. It will feature all sorts of great technical-focused content, including a beginner track with hands on training from our evangelist team that will get you from 0 to dangerous. There is also a deep dive track if you are already familiar with Cassandra where you will learn from existing users and pick up additional tips and tricks from the experts. Lastly, there is an exec track half day that will help you get your execs comfortable with the why and how of big data and Cassandra (i.e. not technical focused) from Microsoft (Azure), Activision, and DataStax. You can see further details on the schedule at the registration link below. And, as I said, FREEEEEEE. We are expecting hundreds of attendees so hurry to grab your ticket now as space is limited.

Registration link:


If you aren’t familiar with Cassandra, you can get an intro here:

If you have any questions / comments / concerns, contact at