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Well-organized spaces increase productivity tenfold. If you are an employer, you must be aware of the importance of well-built offices and the positive impact on your employees. Employees are driven to work better in a carefully organized office space because it adds functionality to it. They have better access to resources, and it is easier to move around when there aren’t papers and files strewn all across the place, and everything has its own allocated spaces.

Functionality is an essential aspect of effective workplace design. On the other hand, our workplaces are frequently filled with so much office machinery, equipment, supplies, and paper that they become utterly dysfunctional. Successfully designed office spaces also speak volumes about the organization and are instrumental in creating a positive impression on anyone visiting it. Hence, organizing your office is of the utmost importance if you want your employees to focus on their work successfully and not on the chaos all around them. Here are 6 tips that will help you set up a successful office space. Read on!

Make a Plan

This is at the beginning of whatever endeavor you embark on. Before going on an investing spree on things you might not even need for your office to function, it is best to make a detailed plan. First, decide on the primary items that your office space cannot do without, for example, desks and chairs, printers, and computers. Then, make a detailed list about how many of these items you need because you wouldn’t want to invest in excess items and end up cluttering your office and wasting money. 

Making a plan is extremely vital because that way, you can prioritize your needs and make a detailed budget. You can also involve your employees in this process because they will be able to provide valuable insight on the essentials around the office and the items of regular use.

Ensure Proper Lighting

Productivity, health, happiness, well-being, and depression are all affected by lighting. According to a research conducted by the American Society of Interior Design, 68 percent of employees are dissatisfied with the lighting condition in their workplace. Take a walk around your office and notice any areas where there isn’t enough light. Natural light is great, but not all places, particularly internal offices, and cubicles, can benefit from it. Consider getting ceiling lights that mimic natural light or desk lamps for these areas.

Respect Difference

As an employer, you must understand that not all of your employees function similarly. Everyone has different needs and methods of working. Therefore, to encourage maximum productivity, you must ensure that your office space is provisioning for everyone. 

Inclusivity in the workspace is of the utmost importance because you might have differently-abled employees working for you. For example, people with ADHD require frequent breaks while working, and your office space must have a breakroom where employees can relax and unwind. Consider including board games or foosball tables. Contrary to the common belief that such inclusions will reduce productivity, they boost employee morale and appreciation for the company.

Invest in Good Furniture

Office work requires employees to sit at their desks and work for extended hours. Uncomfortable and inexpensive furniture might go easy on your budget but will be highly detrimental to your employees. Employee health issues like back discomfort, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraines, and eye strain can be caused by old or poorly built furniture. It’s a good idea to start by looking for ergonomically designed desk chairs, training tables, footrests, and such.

Look for armrests with different heights, widths, and depths, as well as chairs with swivel mechanisms and lumbar support. Additionally, the chairs you purchase must be adequately cushioned to reduce employee discomfort while working for long hours. Although buying new furniture or upgrading to high-end models may initially be more expensive, it will save you additional healthcare costs in the long run.

Create Spaces For Collaboration and Relaxation

Collaborative spaces may be as basic as a few comfy chairs arranged around a fireplace or as cozy as a few laptops set up on tables where many people can congregate and have a fun discussion. These venues are excellent, contemporary alternatives to meeting at someone’s workplace. 

Encourage your employees to take walks around the office and relax for a while in these collaborative spaces after a tiring work schedule. Additionally, you can also set up relaxation rooms that will help your employees unwind. Avoid keeping laptops and work-related stuff in this space so that they can either quietly sit there for a while and do their own thing. Nowadays, many offices are also choosing to build quiet rooms, where employees can even take a nap if they want to.

Invest in Proper Plumbing

Washrooms are one of the most important parts of your office, and you must prioritize them if you are looking to build a successful office. Bad-smelling office spaces have a very detrimental effect on both the employees working in it long term and visiting clients. Additionally, leaks in your poorly built plumbing system will result in substantial water bills. 

There are several types of industrial valves available in the market today, and you must invest in them to avoid horrible washroom conditions. With the right plumbing, you can prevent clogs in the washrooms and maintain the right pressure for a seamless washroom experience for everybody.

Create an Odor-free Office Space

Foul odor disgruntled employees because it has a very negative effect on them. Therefore, ensure that the office canteen and eating space are situated far enough from the workspace so that bad odor does not disrupt work. Similarly, your washroom should also be adequately ventilated. Sewer gas is another very common office problem, and you must employ proper plumbing to get rid of the smell in your office space. Adequate plumbing will also take care of odor due to blocked drains and ruptured sewer ventilation pipes. Additionally, you can also invest in air purifiers because this ensures a great-smelling office space and excellent employee morale.


It is important to keep several factors in mind while designing a successful office space. You must design your workspace keeping the future of your company in mind. There should always be provisions for growth because a few years later, you might have a bigger team working under your supervision. However, you do not need to worry about creating a successful office space. Instead, you can simply keep the above factors in mind.


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