Ai vs teacher

Technology has changed the way people do business. New software and the variety of devices have changed the old ways of presenting plans, products, and strategies.

Public speaking skills, utilized in presentations, help to express plans and ideas to team members, regardless of the size of the group. In business, they’re used to present key information and plans to stakeholders and the board of directors. Technology has provided the means to improve how information can be conveyed in professional and engaging ways to benefit a business.

Here are some of the most notable ways in which technology improves not just the presentation itself, but our own ability to present the material to best advantage:

1. Cloud Storage 

When we choose to store our presentation, we usually think of Pendrive or Hard Disk. However, it is no longer a good choice for storing data. Pendrive and Hard Disk are not so easy to carry and they can be stolen or broken. When those devices crash, our important data can be lost.   

We can use cloud storage for storing any type of presentation. The Big Data uses in Business have alarmingly increased for cloud storage. Cloud storage allows us to save data on the data servers that can be accessed from the internet. Our data is safe in cloud storage because our data is decentralized in different locations. Examples of cloud storage are Google Drive, OneDrive, to name a few.

2. Change Papers Into Digital Files

Before the development of computer technology, the presentation slides were made by hand, using paper flips, slide projectors, etc. There was a time when people took weeks or months to create presentations. Here is a picture from 1961 of NASA scientists presenting their calculations.

Now, with just a few clicks, we can put together any type of presentation from a variety of software. We can digitally save any type of presentation in the form of files. The use of paper as a presentation medium is almost unheard of at this point. And unlike paper presentations, they are durable and easy to demonstrate to viewers.

3. Use Presentation Templates

Developing an impressive presentation template is not an easy task, especially for a business. It will take a lot of concerted effort to translate and deliver a conceptual plan into a presentation form. Digital presentations already are saving us some time, and using presentation templates can save us even more time. Instead of using blank slides, we can use templates as per our needs and expectations. Both paid and free PowerPoint templates are available on the internet. They’re versatile and easy to use for both the novice and the expert. 

We can create professional presentations that have a positive impact on viewers. Choosing good color combinations, backgrounds, images and layout that contribute to a cohesive and engaging message is the best way to win viewers.   

4. Technology For Speaking Skills

Public speaking and presentation skills are some of the most sought-after skills by many  businesses. Having a perfect presentation slide package isn’t the end of the job. We need a well-qualified presenter to get the message across. A presenter should be confident, should know about the internet marketing tactics, knowledgeable, and able to handle any type of situation. It’s believed that 75% of people have a fear of public speaking. Undoubtedly, we can improve our public speaking skills with the help of technology. And we don’t even need to go out to get it done.

There are many effective online public speaking teaching courses from which we can improve in this important area. And there are AI speech coaches available that also can help to improve our presentation methods. 

5. Add Videos And Music In Presentations

To keep viewers engaged, it’s essential that our presentation has strong content. Slow and boring presentations won’t serve your purpose. Your presentation should unfold like a story; a good story that holds your audience’s attention.  

Videos and music are engaging and can help keep your audience interested. Voice-overs can be added for a different way to keep your material clear and fully conveyed. 

6. Augmented Reality 

Augmented reality is all set to transform the way we view presentations. It is the technique of combining the real world with graphics. AI and Big Data analytics have a symbiotic relation. The advantages of big data analytics in AI is huge. AI is not of any use without data, and mastering data cannot be done without AI coming to its aid.

By wearing glasses, people can see graphics and images in a real world environment. One of the best uses of AR is that it can transform images as if they’re actually there, making an innovative way of showing the products or services of a business. AR is also being utilized by teachers for educational purposes.

AR tends to be a more engaging and impressive tool for your presentation and can be used to explain ideas and concepts in a way that is easily understood by your audience. People will be able to relate better to the material because it combines body language with visual aids.  

7. Use Tech Tools 

Presenters often have to deal with a large number of people in the audience. Using microphones and speakers helps to reduce any potential difficulties with audio. For a smaller group, a laser pointer can be a great visual aid and help highlight specific points.  

Microphones for audio, pointers to draw focus, and lighting effects in the room all help to keep the audience engaged and interested in your story.

8. Make It Engaging

A presentation is all about the content. More people will pay attention if it’s creative, unique, and informative. According to a study, the average attention span of an adult is 5-10 minutes. Why would we expect someone to give their time if we haven’t taken the time to make the presentation engaging and relevant?  

Presentation engagement means viewers are actively listening, interested, and connected with you. Keep your material relevant and valuable.    

9. Online-Based Presentations

We don’t need a hall or a big screen for presentations anymore. Now, we can do virtual presentations with a webcam, computer and internet connection.  

The best thing about an online presentation is that people can interact without physically meeting; making it easy to engage with people whether they’re at home, office, or in the field.  People can manage their time to attend online presentations or seminars and, in this way, we can reach a larger group of people. 

Final Words

Technology has made a great contribution in developing more attractive and engaging presentations. Even so, we also need to develop and maintain our speaking skills. The combination of a good presentation and good delivery on your part is a magical combination and the best way to win an audience.