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Applications and software often require to be translated in the native language of the user. This way you will be able to sell or unroll your product in several foreign countries. However, it takes a lot of effort to adapt the software to the new target group. We will explain what actions need to be taken to successfully adapt software to the needs of people from several countries.

What is software localisation

Software localisation involves the process of adapting software, applications, or other products to the needs of a different foreign target group. This requires one to think about linguistic, cultural and usability issues relevant for that particular group. You need to adapt the interface in a way that the user can easily work with the product. It is a time-consuming process and demands certain skills to implement it properly. For example, you need to know all the ins and outs about customs and usability issues in a certain culture. But ones the localisation is performed accurately, you can reach a much larger audience than ever before. Therefore, it is often worth the effort.

What is needed for a good Software translation?

As aforementioned, software localisation is a difficult and time-consuming process. It involved so much more than just translating each word that is presented on the screen. Not only do you need to translate the content in the software; You also need to adapt the software to the usability needs of the target group. You need to take into account customs of the user and incorporate it in the design. This will make the use of the software feel natural to the customer. This makes the software easy-to-use for a much larger group of people.

Help with localising software

Since performing software localisation demands certain skills that not anybody possesses, it is smart to get some help from a professional. A professional translation agency can help you to make software appealing and usable for a broader audience. They have the right skills to perform the localisation properly. Not only can they translate content perfectly; they also know more about customs in other cultures and use this knowledge to perform software translation properly. Getting help from a professional translation agency is an investment that will benefit you in the long run and saves you a lot of time. This way you will be able to reach a langer group of users and make your product more successful.


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