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The present era of instantaneous information and communication has brought a lot of ease and convenience. It changed the way we are living our lives. On the other hand, it has also raised many security concerns. Likewise, trojans and malware are the ways in which data security gets hampered. Let us take a look at some of the facts!

  • According to research, there are nearly 560000 new pieces of malware detected daily.
  • At present, more than 1 million malware programs exist.
  • Talking about the companies and organizations, every minute 4 companies fall prey to ransomware attacks.
  • Approximately 58% of all computer malware accounts for trojans. 

The above figures imply that there is a high need to protect the systems from these harmful threats. How can you take a step towards your system’s security? Let us know!

A good anti-virus – Most people have some version of anti-virus installed in their system. We are not saying that these are harmful, but they are not as efficient as a professional anti-virus. So, go for the premium version that suits your needs. Update its version whenever you get an alert. 

Be cautious of emails – Do you often download the email attachment from anyone? If you do so, then be aware! Do not open any email without scanning it. Many services like Gmail and good anti-virus provide email scanning service. Even if you receive the email from your best friend, scan it without any ado. Nobody knows if your friend’s system is infected or not. If it is, then there are odds that you can get the malicious attachment. So, be cautious with the emails.  

Shredding solution – What happens when you delete the files from the computer? It goes to trash. But do you know that files can still be recovered from the trash? What to do in this case? As per, you can take the help of shredding software. Shredding the information with the help of a shred cube allows you to delete all the files in such a way that their recovery would be impossible. 

Regular backup – If your system is recently recovered from a virus, then there is high time to emphasize this aspect. Keep a regular backup of your data. Encrypt all the information so that if data gets stolen, it can be secured.

Hardware-based firewall – Firewall provides security to your computer from various threats plus malicious web traffic. But here we would like to tell you something! Relying only on firewalls is not the answer. It is seen that software-based windows firewalls are not strong enough as compared to a hardware-based firewall. So, opt for that. 

Avoid auto-run – If you frequently insert pen-drive or hard-disk to your system, then ensure to disable the autorun option. After that, scan the hard drive properly. If you are not paying attention to this aspect, then your computer may catch a virus or malware. 

To sum it all up
Malware and Trojans can anytime attack your system. It is up to you how wisely you are using the technology. Hence, it is always fruitful to protect your system as well as business from any threat. After all, it is not wrong to say that prevention is better than cure.


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