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The internet has expanded the marketplace in many valuable ways. You now have access to goods and services from around the world. If you’re looking to start a business of your own you can now start a business entirely online which benefits many professions not just those in sales. If you’re a talented writer of any type be it product reviews, general information, special expertise, fiction, or another area of interest starting a blog allows you to share your writing with the world. This is not only exciting it can also be profitable and take your career in new and exciting directions.

When starting a blog one of the first considerations is what to call it. Your blog’s name is as important as any other business and serves many of the same purposes. Naming your blog (much like naming a business) can be a challenge as it can be hard coming up with something that is both fitting and memorable.

That challenge is why Namify has a Blog Name Generator available to help you come up with the exact type of name you’re looking for. Using keywords you provide, they form a list of relevant, memorable, and brandable names.  Having a good name for your blog is an important first step in attracting readers to your material.

Why Your Blog’s Name Matters

When naming your blog you should take your time, think it through, and do some market research to see what other blogs that produce content similar to your own are called. Having a good name is valuable and here are a few reasons why.

Pull In Readers: as noted a good name pulls in interested readers and the reason for that is because a good name is informative. There are many areas of interest and no matter your topic of choice there will be interested readers. A good name lets them know in advance that your blog will contain content that they want to view and are interested in.

Search Engine Results: many people phrase their search engine requests in the form of a question and with virtual assistants becoming more widespread the terms people use to search are changing. A good blog name means that when people are searching for content relating to your postings your blog will show up early in search results, and you will generate more clicks and visits.

Stand Out From The Rest: starting a blog isn’t too complex and while that’s a good thing it also increases the number of competitors. No matter what your content is focused on, someone somewhere has written about it. Now while their content may not be as good as yours you still need to do your best to stand out from the ocean of competitors found on the internet. A good blog name can make you stand out and catch people’s attention. A good blog name can separate you from the competition and your content will keep them coming back.

Final Thoughts

When starting your blog it can be intimidating entering into a crowded and competitive part of the internet. Utilizing a service like Namify can make this process a breeze. Asking yourself how to start engaging with visitors and building a reader-base with so many established and well-known blogs online is certainly understandable. A good name is the first step in establishing your own unique brand and your blog’s identity.


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