Digital Marketing strategies

It comes with little surprise that businesses evolve to cater to the needs of consumers and develop new methods. When it comes to marketing a website, content creators have to go beyond the scope of traditional marketing methods and harness the power of complexities provided by today’s technology and tools.

Traditional Digital Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, the first thing that comes to mind are SEM and SEO strategies. Most digital marketing consultants would tell their clients about PR campaigns, SEO tactics, ad placements and content marketing. These ideas normally represent most growth campaigns offered to drive overall ROMI (return on marketing investment.)

In the absence of actually scaling human-driven personalization, one can only analyze data and make data-driven decisions. According to Emarsys, a majority of online marketers don’t feel adequately equipped to predict the customer journey and drive maximum value in their current state. This is bad news for small businesses aspiring to go big one day.

So we have our challenge at hand, where traditional online marketing no longer delivers the expected value. Why? Because everyone is doing it. So how can your business leverage new tactics to grow?

The Next Generation of Online Consumerism

The first thing is to analyze the next generation of consumers. What is meant by that? In the past few years, generationZ have made a breakthrough in online consumption. Their browser behaviour before making an online purchase is vastly different from Generation X and Millennials.

Younger audiences tend to cater to different platforms like Twitch streaming, TikTok, Periscope, OnlyFans, Facebook Live that helps redirect their audience through giveaways, affiliate programs and donation based support. These platforms enable content creators to build 

It is mainly affiliate programs that help beginner content creators become loyal promoters of a businesses’ brand, (depending on commissions, AOV and EPC’s.) Affiliate programs are the virtual assistants of every online business.

Leveraging New Marketing Methods

Now that we’ve mentioned several SEM and SEO methods that have worked quite well in the past, let’s have a look and see what other tactics online marketers can use for better ROI.

Video Streaming for Outreach

A decade ago it might have sounded ridiculous to promote a company’s product or service through streaming platforms like Twitch, YouNow, StreamYard or Restream. But nowadays brands like Sony, McDonalds and even American Express have used Twitch for its marketing growth. The NBA capitalized on Twitch’s growth with a brand campaign for the 2021 Playoffs, bringing its “That’s Game” campaign, focused on basketball’s cultural impact, to the Twitch community.

Live Content Creation

Video content is a steady rise from year to year, but newly emerging platforms like Twitch, YoutubeTV and Facebook Live are all a host to millions of viewers. But platforms like Twitch for example have a great way to engage with viewers, answer questions, thank donations and get real feedback while streaming. Live content gets advertisers direct feedback if they themselves start streaming or hire a third party or influencer to do it.

Informal influencer marketing

Making your products way to the attention of the public can be done similar to Youtube’s unboxing videos. Unboxing videos are very popular with GenZ, racking up millions of views while showing the product in a favorable light.

Influencers have the power to take on the heavy burden of target marketing and brand building for a reasonable price (depending on the size of their channel.) They can be excellent affiliates or brand ambassadors and help contribute to a company’s visibility.

For finding the right brand ambassador for your business, influencer marketing platforms like Humanz, Grin and Upfluence have created a huge database that helps to simplify the process of finding an influencer and connecting with them. Depending on your company size your choice can vary from nano influencers to macro influencers. Small businesses can benefit from working with micro-influencers as they have more local audiences and can increase brand awareness and income. However, macro influencers are a good choice for international brands as influencers can promote their product worldwide.


The building blocks of new businesses that want to go online and carve out a piece of the market for themselves is becoming harder and harder. SEO plans, PPC campaigns and content marketing tactics are everywhere. In order to stand out from the crowd and get a feel for your audience, one needs to bend these traditional online marketing tactics and move towards streaming and video content.