As BSV continues to scale, the capacity of its network likewise increases, which then allows for possibly the highest instant transaction output per second and the lowest transaction fees in the market. This has made transacting using BSV the fastest, safest and most cost-efficient. Because it has established its legitimacy and capabilities, BSV is rising as one of the most stable and sought-after digital currencies. Hence, it is now being carried by more and more wallets.

Zumo, an Edinburgh-based digital wallet and payments platform, has announced on June 26, 2021 that users can now hold and receive BSV, which is the third digital currency supported by the platform next to Bitcoin Core (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). The BSV test network has recently broken records by processing over 9,000 transactions per second (tps); and the average fee per transaction is currently at only $0.0017. BSV completely dominates BTC and ETH, which only processes a maximum of seven tps and 30 tps at an average fee of $9.19 and $3.83 per transaction, respectively.

“We’re excited about offering BSV to our users. Zumo is committed to introducing crypto to new investors and welcoming people from around the world into an emerging global economy that’s both inclusive and borderless,” Paul Roach, Zumo’s chief product officer and co-founder, said.

Zumo Wallet is celebrating this milestone by giving away £10,000 worth of BSV. This promotional offer is available to any UK resident who creates a new account with Zumo. The new user should pass ID verification and make at least a £1 deposit within the period of June 25 to July 26, 2021, in order to become eligible to win the prize of £10,000, payable in BSV.

“We’re hoping to introduce British crypto investors to BSV as well as attracting new users who have never engaged with smart money before. To anyone who’s considering getting involved in crypto I’d say, ‘we’re here to help,’” Roach explained.

The Zumo app can be downloaded on iOS and Android app stores. Anyone in the UK can use this secure and easy-to-use wallet to transact—exchange, store and spend—using BTC, ETH and the British pound. For now, BSV can only be stored and received using the wallet. Zumo is a proud member of CryptoUK, fully supports WasteAid, and has signed the Crypto Climate Accord and the UN Global Compact.

According to its website, “1.7 billion adults remain unbanked and without access to modern financial services. Zumo will bring the benefits of cryptocurrencies and blockchain to people everywhere. Zumo is accessible, inclusive and useful to users across the globe regardless of their individual financial circumstance or geographic location. We will make the interaction between crypto and traditional currency a trusted and integral part of everyday financial life.”

The highly scalable BSV now being carried on Zumo Wallet is a significant event that moves Zumo closer to its goal of “breaking borders and giving consumers seamless ownership and control of their money we are creating a new fiscal democracy.”