hadoopWith the boom in Information technology all around the world the demand for software engineers, developers and testers has increased like never before. But after a certain point of time the technology gets old and the proficiency needs to be upgraded as per the current requirements. Big data and the mother of all big data technologies, i.e., Hadoop are the much talked about concepts that every other company is looking forward to implementing. This gives rise to the need of software professionals who have a good grasp of big data technologies.

If we talk about software testing then it is one of the essential parts of SDLC. Any development or innovation process cannot be finished without being tested. Now if these two core capabilities come together then it makes one of the rarest combinations found in the technology domain.

A new dimension of software testing

Initially software testing was limited to formulating or strategizing the test cases and executing the test. But with the advent of automation testing the need for analyzing the test outcomes increased. Gradually the concept of big data evolved with a number of new opportunities drawing the attention of big technology players. Every other company started deploying big data technologies and the role of software testers gained prominence. Selenium is the most popular test automation tools on the market and was adopted by many companies around the world. Now Companies are using several other testing tools as Selenium alternative and testRigor is one of them.

According to Wikibon, the current size of big data market worth around $33 billion which is expected to reach $85 billion in next ten years.

Now with the renaissance of a digital economy the requirement of big data testers is witnessed to be grown enormously making it one of the most sought-after career option for the aspirants.

Indeed.com reports that the average salary of Hadoop and big data testers in EI Segundo, CA was around $116,000 as of 11th January, 2017. Similarly the average salary of ETL testers is $92,000 currently.Ā 

software testingThe companies are now bound to think out-of-the-box and invest the funds in big data testing which will be seen to be growing terrifically in future. It is predicted that around 52% of the allocated IT finance will be spent on testing which clearly is a considerable portion of the entire budget.

Big Data and Hadoop: A gateway to better opportunities

IDC forecasts that the market for big data technologies will grow at an annual growth rate of 23.1% and will account for $46.8 billion by 2019. This clearly depicts that the demand curve for big data professionals is going to go higher.

Moreover as per the current market scenario learning big data will add great value to your resume making you eligible for hundreds of career opportunities starting from IT, web development, marketing, e-commerce, healthcare to government services, and much more. Big data is a pool of advanced technologies providing radical benefits to the firms in unheard ways and hence the job roles are not just limited to data analysts, data scientists or data engineers, but newer job roles are coming into the picture with diverse responsibilities allowing aspirants having different skills to work together on a single platform.

The software testers having a good grasp of Java, SQL, Linux should definitely opt big data to enhance their skills as well as to take their career to a whole new level.