cyber defense

Nowadays, it is hard to imagine a thriving company without its website or internal database. Almost every company focuses on innovative solutions that are closely related to computerization. Unfortunately, this is also associated with increased activity of hackers. To prevent their attacks, special training platforms, such as CDeX, are created. Read on to find out more!

A brief history of CDeX

The CDeX Cyber Range (Cyber Defence eXercise Platform) was created as one of the projects created by Vector Synergy, a company dealing with IT security. For over 10 years of work, this company has implemented projects in the field of cybersecurity all around the world. The services provided, and the gained experience, led it to create the CDeX Cyber Range. Although the idea itself comes from cyber defense exercises, the very history of Cyber Ranges is inspired by real police and military training grounds. Exercises in a safe area that prepare for a quick and effective response when faced with a threat are being performed there, under the supervision of experienced people.

The Cyber Range is just such an environment – a virtual space that allows for advanced cyber defense exercises. Simulations of real hacker attacks are available at, allowing you to fully practice or test your skills under the supervision of cybersecurity specialists. Training can be done individually or in a team, and the offer is addressed to both amateurs and experienced users – exercises for everyone can be found there.

The Cyber Range was recognized by NATO as one of the solutions that can effectively protect cyberspace. This is the greatest success of CDeX, which also confirms the high quality of the company’s services and the Cyber Range itself.

Types of training in CDeX

The most important element of Cyber Ranges such as CDex is, of course, the training offer that allows you to expand your cyber defense skills. In CDeX there are two previously mentioned types of exercises: for individuals and teams.

  • Automatic training – it is a training addressed to individual users. They receive access to theoretical materials and ready-made hacker attack scenarios. Each of the simulations can be faced many times, while analyzing the steps taken and their effectiveness.
  • Red Team vs Blue Team training – training in which two teams participate. One of them plays the role of the attackers, while the other tries to protect the company’s data from the threat. The training allows you to practice not only cyber defense skills, but also working under time pressure and teamwork.