Hadoop_elephantsThe Apache Hadoop community is happy to announce the release of Apache Hadoop 2.7.0! We want to express our gratitude to every contributor, reviewer and committer.

The Hadoop community fixed 923 JIRAs in total as part of the 2.7.0 release. Of the 923 fixes:

  • 259 were in Hadoop Common
  • 350 were in HDFS
  • 253 were in YARN
  • 61 were in MapReduce

Hadoop 2.7.0 is the first Hadoop release in 2015, following late last year’s 2.6.0. While Hadoop 2.7.0 is not yet ready for production, it enables the community to execute extensive testing and downstream adoption in order to find and address potential incompatibilities and critical issues. A more stable and production ready release of Hadoop 2.7.x will follow soon.

Starting with Hadoop 2.7.0, Apache Hadoop drops support for the JDK6 runtime and supports only JDK 7+ versions. Source