big data jobsEmployment agencies are responsible for helping companies to find, evaluate and recruit highly qualified applicants as quickly as possible. Here’s how you can gauge whether a data analytics recruitment agency could assist you and what to consider when selecting employees. The recruitment agency you select should be the one that best helps you recruit candidates. 

Case Study Findings    

According to a recent study, a third of companies (33%) turn to recruitment agencies to correct previous hiring mistakes. Employment agencies can help you find the best fit and also help speed up hiring times. This is particularly useful if you are thinking about whether you have hired the wrong employee before making an offer. 

According to another study by recruiter Robert Half, the average hiring process takes 28 days which contrast to the one to two-week turnaround candidates expect from employers. It is also the case that 58% of candidates confirmed they accepted a second-choice job position on the basis that their first-choice job they applied for took far too long to make a decision as to whether they wanted them or not. 

Specialised Recruiter Agencies    

The price of a recruitment agency depends on the type of agency you want to engage with. Some local or general recruitment agencies work on finding the most candidates quickly for any given position. In some cases, this approach works well although its hit and miss. A global or specialized data analytics recruiter usually behaves in such a way that highly qualified employees are a scarce commodity and as a result much more time is taken to find the right candidate and thus such agencies command a higher placement fee. Depending on the job role that needs to be filled will determine the type of recruiter you work with eg, specialised recruiters are mainly used by employers for highly skilled roles such as Director of Analytics, Lead Data Analysts, Big Data Developers, Data Engineers, Big Data Application Developers, Senior Data Scientists, Data Architects, Data and Insight Analyst, Web Analyst, Customer Analyst and Business Data Analyst,  as opposed to local or general recruitment agencies for less skilled job positions such as clerical or administration roles. 

The right recruiter will usually want to understand your business and get to know your department and the way you want to work, making recruitment much more seamless and tailoring to your requirements. That is why it is important to find the right one right from the start, once you have found a good recruitment agency, it becomes easier to fill job roles. 

Deciding Which is the Best Recruitment Option     

As already mentioned, the type of employment agency you choose is determined by the type of roles advertised and the level of the role. Whichever option you choose, a good recruitment agency is much better value for your business than a bad one, and when recruiters focus on hiring the right people, not the wrong people, companies can focus on running their business rather than have to worry about high staff turnover and all the ramifications that comes with this.

While we all know about unconscious prejudice, companies lose good talent when they interview candidates based on preconceived expectations. Good recruitment will help you meet diversity requirements by using techniques designed to eliminate hiring bad habits. This often meets judging the candidate’s background, interview skills and ability to moderate an interview as well as conduct the interview itself.     

In order to have a better chance of getting qualified candidates, you should consider working with a specialised recruitment agency focused on data or analytics or both that is right for your company to have the best chance of getting the qualified candidate. Global skills shortages make it difficult for employers to find the talent they need to fill vacancies. In the UK alone, 82% of human resources recruitment managers say they have difficulty finding the talented people in their company with the talent they want or need.

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