big dataData analytics is a relatively new field but it’s one that is taking the business world by storm, thanks to the power it holds to extract profitable customer insights and organize information in a streamlined and cost-efficient way. There are lots of different ways to teach data analytics to business majors in colleges across the country: from old-school data science lectures to colleges with an emphasis on practical training, the choices are numerous. This article will explore how business students are picking up their data analytics knowledge.

Traditional classrooms 

Some of the more prestigious universities do offer data science papers, but they tend to be taught as part of a classroom-based setting. At Harvard, for example, students can enroll in the Master of Science in Data Science. This is, however, quite mathematical in nature – and an understanding of statistics, rather than a purely business-based approach, tends to be preferred. At these institutions, courses that are explicitly focused just on big data tend to be courses for the general public: at MIT, for example, it’s possible to take a course in big data analytics but it’s online only, and anyone can enroll. That’s great, of course – but it might not be the rigorous option that those looking to major in business would prefer.

On the job 

There’s no right or wrong way to learn about data science. While the traditional mode of data science teaching provision has its benefits, there are also advantages to learning partly in a business environment where the principles discussed in the lecture hall are demonstrated in practice. Universities such as Carnegie Mellon offer data science courses with built-in relationships to firms offering internships: this way, the topics shared in the classroom can come to life and the student can become more employable in the process. It’s an excellent hybrid between learning on the job and learning in the classroom, and it mixes the best of both worlds.

Alternative provisions 

Sometimes, however, neither learning in a classroom nor in a big city internship is going to suit. This is often the case for those potential business students who have caring responsibilities, and for students in this situation, it’s usually advisable to pick a college that can accommodate your needs. Going to college in Virginia Beach is one way to do this, as there are colleges in Virginia Beach, offering data-friendly business qualifications such as diplomas, with childcare facilities located on site.

Data analytics is popular for a reason, and any graduate who can offer businesses a way to work out what customers really want is one who’s likely to be hired. Luckily for these students, there are plenty of routes in. From family-friendly colleges that assist mature or retraining students to traditional classroom environments where the theory of data science is taught as part of a wider degree, there are plenty of ways to learn – and finding the way that works best for you is essential.