bigdata-weatherThe median salary for those working in the Cloud Computing profession was around dollar 120,000 per year in the year 2016 itself. If you want to climb the bandwagon, you should know expertise, knowledge, and skills in virtualization, Java and Linux are the three most in-demand skills related to Cloud Computing today. Skills in VMWare, big data, and skills in Python Programming are also in demand.

Here is a list of the most in-demand cloud computing training courses and certifications arranged in a ascending order:

  1. Certified Information Systems Security Professional
  2. Certified Information Systems Manager
  3. Government Risk and Compliance Systems
  4. Certified Information Security Manager
  5. Project Management Professional
  6. Business Process Management Programming Languages
  7. Global Information Assurance Certification
  8. Certified Ethical Hacker

Growth trends

The value of the cloud computing market was around USD 148 billion in the year 2016, due to investments made by various business and other organizations across the globe. Around 41% of all business worldwide wish to invest in cloud computing. The compounded annual growth rate or CAGR estimated for growth in cloud computing is around 19.4%.


Cloud services provide for cost-effective, scalability – a company does not require servers to store and process data. As the data is stored on remote servers on the internet it can be assessed easily at any time through different kinds of devices.

The service sector is not overburdened with data anymore because of the availability of cloud computing services; cloud computing has made business operations agile.

Operational integration

The same cloud servers and sequences can be used by the customers as well as the employees of a business organization. The data is updated in real time as well so that all involved in the usage get fresh and latest information. Computing has definitely brought customers and business organization closer and provided for greater customer satisfaction.

There are many different kinds of cloud services available. These include the public, private, and hybrid cloud services. Hence the access to the data can be restricted fully or partially by choosing the right kind of service. A report by Forbes predicts that the public cloud IaaS or Infrastructure as a Software and hardware frameworks and others will receive US dollars 411 billion in investments by the year 2020. Today, around 60% of the data traffic of the world is based on the cloud. The same will be more than 83% by the year 2018.

The biggest players in cloud computing

As of now, Amazon Web Services or AWS is the biggest market share holder in cloud computing and occupies 31% of the complete market share. Other major players include Microsoft (9%), IBM (7%), and Google and SalesForce at 4% each.  AWS is the most profitable division of the MNC Amazon and has alone provided more than 50% of the company revenues each year. AWS excels in both PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (infrastructure as a service Platform). IT services include remote computing, security, networking, storage, servers and also offers a wide range of cloud-based products.

The demand for AWS products and services has increased by more than 50% in the past few years. Hence the AWS certification is the best way to make an entry into the profession of cloud computing. Around 380, 000 cloud Computing positions are vacant with a base salary of more than USD 90,000.

You can pursue an online certification and cloud computing training easily now from the comfort of your home. Leading education service providers offer instructor-led training and online project sessions, hands-on training in real-world projects that are carried out in different Industrial and business segments, practice tests, course and learning material and all other resources that you need to be a cloud computing professional as well as a proud certification holder.