Are you looking to get into a fulfilling and high-paying career? Earning a CPA may be a great idea. The employment of auditors and accountants is estimated to grow seven percent from 2020 to 2030. Therefore, you are likely to have plenty of job opportunities. 

 Every business has accounting needs. There are taxes to estimate, bills to pay, and receivables to collect. Without proper accounting, it may not be easy to know whether a business is making any profits. Here are a few reasons to consider earning the CPA and getting into the profession. 

1. The Respect and Prestige

The job comes with a lot of respect and admiration. Since attaining a CPA requires years of technical and academic training, people will respect your efforts. After passing the CPA exam, you are also tested for character and ethics. 

You need plenty of on-the-job training to qualify. Few professions demand as much proficiency and expertise. Earning the CPA comes with more respect than being a standard accountant

2. A Mix of Stability and Freedom

Being a CPA with some experience significantly reduces your career risk. In addition, it doesn’t force you to give up your career freedom. With a CPA, you can serve as a:

  • Long-term planner
  • Payroll administrator
  • Tax advisor and planner

With three to five years’ experience, you can try whatever you want. There is a lot of power in knowing that you can always find a job. It is something that many professionals dream of. 

3. Job Satisfaction

CPAs handle various highly specialized functions. They include:

  • International financial reporting
  • Business and management consulting
  • Information technology
  • Auditing
  • Tax advisory services

With so many career paths, you can always opt for something that helps you make a difference. Pick a path depending on your skills and interests. 

The accounting career has unique advantages that appeal to millennial employees. There are opportunities to travel abroad and attain international business experience. 

4. Career Development 

Preparation for the CPA exam may be hectic, but it sets the foundation for your career development. After passing the exam and getting a CPA license, you stand out from the competition. Potential employers want accountants with this title. 

Earning your CPA license is proof that you are committed to the profession. It increases your likelihood of landing managerial and leadership positions. If you hope to get into higher levels of authority and responsibility, the license is essential. 

5. Benefits and Money

Salary potential is an important consideration when trying to choose a career path. Fortunately, holding a CPA license checks that box. You have plenty of high-paying career paths to follow. They include public accounting, non-profit, and government. 

Being a CPA isn’t just one job. It covers a series of job options that accumulate to create your career. Here are a few stats about employment and earnings from the career:

  • According to the Department of Labor and Statistics, the employment growth of auditors and accountants will be higher than usual until 2024
  • Having a CPA license will help you make up to 15 percent more than the average accountant.

There are endless benefits to earning the CPA. It opens up career opportunities for you and offers opportunities for career development. Most companies demand that you have a CPA before being eligible for managerial positions. 

Since it is so diverse, there are opportunities for almost anyone to attain job satisfaction. Being a CPA isn’t a single job. It is a variety of jobs that make up a fulfilling career. 

If you want to stand out as an accountant, consider earning the CPA.. The first step is to pass the exam and then earn some experience.


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