AI, or artificial intelligence, is one of the hottest topics talked about today, both on and off the internet. While we don’t quite yet have flying cars, we do have self-driving cars and voice-activated robots. So, maybe we are getting there.

While there are many moral and ethical discussions being had around AI and what it means for humanity as a species, it is clear that artificial intelligence has helped to make all of our lives just a little more convenient in some way or another.

As AI is rapidly expanding, it is finding its way into plenty of new markets, such as web and logo design. AI in web and logo design provides numerous benefits to both the developer and the end-user. From delivering information instantly to offering guided walkthroughs to prospective customers, AI has the potential to truly change the way we work, shop, and ultimately, live. Learning how AI is revolutionizing web and logo design can provide you with a competitive edge for your next web development project or venture.

Here are just some of the areas where AI is revolutionizing the web and logo design realms.

Website Design

Not too far back in history, designing a website was done by typing out coded HTML pages from scratch. Entire websites were built using a traditional notepad program and other traditional typing programs, even as late as the 2010s. Hiring a website designer and developer is one solution if you are inexperienced, but it can quickly add up in costs. Website design and development projects can start in the thousands, which is simply unattainable for the average person who is looking to establish themselves or their business online.

Today, drag-and-drop AI website builders like Wix are optimal for those with little to no design experience. Soon, more AI-powered web design generators will make their way into the mainstream of the development and design corners of the world.

With AI, website design accessibility is trending upwards at a staggeringly impressive rate. With AI, web design solutions are moving towards the ability to generate and build websites simply by sharing your ideas and vision aloud. Using these AI solutions, building a website will be as simple as sharing a vision out loud or choosing graphic elements that are most appealing to you and fitting for your business or brand. You can even create dynamic content with a WordPress personalization plugin with no coding knowledge needed for a more unique experience for your visitors and customers

Logo Design

Logo design is another area in which AI is revolutionizing the way we create. Without the right logo, your website’s design becomes irrelevant. A logo helps to define a business, brand, or idea. Whether you are building a non-profit organization or attempting to create a global online community, your logo will determine the type of users you attract and the type of image you create for your venture. When you think of popular logos such as Starbucks, McDonald’s, or even Twitter, you can likely immediately recall the colorful logos or even characters and shapes used in the logos themselves. A great logo will define your brand, which is why it is so important during the branding and development stages of building any business.

In logo design, choosing the right colors, art style, and messaging all matter tremendously, especially if your intent is to attract customers or generate sales. In the past, logo design was left up to illustrators and graphic designers. A designer will typically look for company culture, branding preferences, specific colors, and mottos to help with crafting a logo that is fitting for a particular brand, idea, or business. Logos must be high-quality, relevant, visually appealing, and unique in order to truly leave a memorable mark.

With the advent of the AI logo maker, pioneered by Tailor Brands generating and creating logos that work is now easier than ever AI logo makers today provide tools to generate logos or to create your own logo using a drag-and-drop visual editor. Generating a logo may seem silly, but with the latest AI technologies, it can result in logos that truly resonate with your target audience and the demographics you intend to reach. Today, the rise of AI logo makers is skyrocketing, providing new opportunities for even those without programming and design experience.

AI logo makers generate logos based on color preferences, specific audiences, and even target keywords, phrases, or visual elements you wish to include. AI logo makers also utilize the latest trends in color schemes and design to find a suitable creation for your own brand’s image. Using an AI logo maker is optimal for graphic designers and those without design experience, as it provides plenty of inspiration and ideas with numerous auto-generated logos on the fly. Rather than hiring a professional illustrator or graphic designer that may cost thousands of dollars, AI logo makers can help just about anyone create a stunningly professional logo for their business or brand.

Web UX (User Experience)

AI is changing web UX, or user experience for the better, especially as more automated web apps and builders are released. According to UX designer Clay, There are many different areas in which AI is contributing to the improvement of the overall user experience online today. From chatbots and support ticket systems to custom profiles and personalization, AI has made technology easier than ever to access, for both developers and end-users alike.


One of AI’s most successful tools includes AI chatbots, with ADA leading the way. Chatbots are automated chat systems that provide users with information regarding businesses, products, or even an order they have placed with a particular company. Using chatbots provides your current and prospective customers with another level of support that does not demand additional labor from you or your employees.

A GPT-3 chatbot can be programmed to offer information regarding website navigation, product links, pricing, shipping, or even return policies. You can use chatbots to save and store user information for even more personalized answers and direct responses in the future.

Related/Relevant Products

Using data-driven customer insights, you can begin providing related and relevant products to your visitors based on their browsing history as well as other data points that are important to you. Sharing related or relevant products is easier than ever within content management systems such as WooCommerce for WordPress and Shopify. Using an AI tool or plugin, you can now automatically promote products that are most likely to resonate with a prospective customer’s personal preferences. You can showcase products based on a customer’s region, interests, and even their own hobbies or previously visited locations.


As AI becomes more prevalent, an increase in profile customization and personalization for users across various platforms and online communities is also skyrocketing. Custom profiles and personalized pages have become more popular than ever on social media platforms and on personal websites. Using AI tools, providing users with the ability to customize their own profiles and to get creative with graphics has never been easier. Expanding your reach to the creative crowd is not only possible, but it is also affordable with the use of AI plugins and AI community-creation solutions.

Web UI (User Interface)

Improving web UI, or a website’s user interface formerly required hours of coding for even a small standard website in the past. Today, the UI of a website can be improved with the click of the mouse and a few backend tweaks. Ensuring the user interface of your website, application, game, or piece of software is easily accessible, visually appealing, and relevant to your audience can now be done with the use of AI.

As technology evolves over time, companies adapt to suit the needs and demands of their customers. For instance, did you know that approximately 80% of all movies and shows that individual streams on a video streaming service come from said streaming service’s own recommendation system? Video streaming platforms today have their very own built-in AI to help with streamlining the search and viewing process to keep viewers glued to their screens.

It’s no wonder we are all finding ourselves lost in binge-watching shows for hours at a time. Maybe AI does know us better than we think.

Although AI has been around for decades, it is still in its early stages in terms of automation and uniquely generated or deep technology. As we become more familiar with what AI tech has to offer, the web and logo design industries will likely become increasingly self-driven and self-sustaining. Using tools available for web design and logo creation can help you build the website and online presence you need for your business, with or without creative and coding experience. With the right AI tools, the professional website and logo you envision for your online presence can easily become a reality.