CS097-468x60Take control over information assets and empower business

24-26 September 2014 – Novotel City Barcelona, Spain

This marcus evans event will focus core topic of actually governing data integrity across multiple company units globally and of actually making sure the pull for MDM is coming from the business itself, rather than pushing MDM to the business. The focus areas of best practice exchange between the MDM professionals would be business ownership and governance as well as MDM business process integration and data quality.

 Moreover, we will use the conference platform to look at practical implementation details and opportunities presented in perfecting master data in Product, Customer, Vendor and Material domains, as well as automation and useful technology possibilities. Lastly, we will discuss Big Data potential and application in addition to an outlook of future MDM trends.

Key topics:

  • Implement governance in real life
  • Analyse and benchmark successful models for MDM organizational setup und structure
  • Embed MDM as a strategy within the business
  • Ensure MDM completeness, accuracy and content relevance for better data quality

For more information about the event or discounts for delegates, please use code BDAN and contact Daniel Schuster at DanielS@marcusevanscy.com or visit us here: http://www.marcusevans-conferences-paneuropean.com/11MDM_BDAnalyticsNewsel