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If you still divide people by platforms, then I have a sad message: you are hopelessly stuck in an imposed paradigm.

A bit of history

Some 8-10 years ago, there were a number of marketing agencies in the market with non-gaming clients, unmotivated traffic, and very motivated leaders. The advertising channels available at that time, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Twitter, etc., covered most of the advertisers’ requests. And during this time, the following have fundamentally changed:

  • Google introduced UAC in 2017;
  • Changed the names of advertising systems;
  • On Twitter, you no longer need a truck of money for advertising;
  • Added TikTok and TikTok for Business.

And these channels cover at least 90% of advertisers’ requests.

You can also add optimization for events and money, adding new placements and new in-app networks. Then the mobile traffic begins to overtake the desktops and they change places in one year. There are more and more advertisers, and conclusions in the TOP categories are gaining popularity.

Then knowledge grew and advertisers began to ask questions about the quality of the traffic they were receiving. Both agencies began to appear, as well as rates for paying specialists from advertisers. Now, in any enterprise applying for the class of the major league, there must be a mobile specialist who would know the nuances of promoting these very applications.

Let’s take for example the car rental services that are very popular today. If you type into a search engine for example luxury car rental dubai price there you will get a TOP-list of local car hire companies that care about quality SEO promotion. And you will most likely receive quality hiring service and optimal conditions in reality, simply due to the architecture and natural selection of the digital market itself.

Well, the boom in development and these specific nuances has already begun to generate not only individual specialists but entire departments. The regular position of Mobile Group Head appears. And the principle “Whether they wrote in vain?” begins to be supplanted by the understanding of performance managers and marketing directors that you can handle it yourself.

What now

Of course, it’s easier to buy ready-made than to make yourself. Today hiring managers prefer mature professionals specifically in the mobile field. Needless to say, the industry simply didn’t have that many mobile workers, and the same specialists are spinning around the companies like on a carousel. At the same time, due to the desire to try something new, many of these “old” ones go into the product/analytics/their_business.

All this ultimately leads to the following:

  • hiring managers want experienced ones because nuance-knowing youth is not mature and not interesting in the long game;
  • there are few experienced specialists, they are employed;
  • specialists inside are not allowed to try new things and/or they themselves do not take responsibility, working on the principle of “you never know what can happen”;
  • companies need hundreds of mobile marketers right now.

Some recommendations

1. The only division of traffic purchasing specialists that should be adhered to are web searchers and display managers. You need to divide not by advertising systems, but by the type of advertising materials. A good searcher will never make high-quality banners, and a display developer will never have the patience to hone the semantic core to perfection.

2. A web searcher can easily learn how to launch Apple Search Ads, and a display manager can easily launch a banner with a link to a website or mobile application. Search engine optimizers are the hardest to migrate. Although, after the classic web SEO, filling in a couple of sections in the store and looking at the indicators is not a very difficult task.

3. Feel free to discard the mobile app as a point of attraction and entry. If your product is associated with a transactional payment model, demand is a direct intent, and frequency within a month is not expected – it is better to start with a web storefront.

4. If your web storefront is not optimized for mobile, it has a low download speed, then you better go to the product. It’s much more useful than looking for a mobile marketer. Of course, if you do not have a mono-product. But then you don’t need the app either, right?

5. Stop watching Ad Library, and AdMobiSpy like the opening of a refrigerator with groceries, or the wheel with gifts. Instead, do a little team building that turns into brainstorming. The best ideas will most likely find you there.

6. Move the purchase of traffic inside (in-house) as much as possible or work with agencies in open advertising offices. This way you can control the entire purchase and avoid reputational risks. Better to overpay a little on purpose, so as not to overpay more later.

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Final words

Now are 2022 and not the freest time to inflate the staff, save your resource and believe in your guys. Experienced mobile specialists will not appear from anywhere. And the division by platform, at least, is no longer fashionable.

About author: Vital Shpakouski – Philologist with higher education, professional translator, former volunteer and teacher, entrepreneur, and salesperson with 13 years of experience. Now a copywriter in the field of Internet marketing, helping businesses create useful content and promote their products. I write on various topics, from business, fintech, web design, and software reviews to self-development, travel, and health. In my free time, I create music and songs that no one hears and take photos and videos that no one sees.