In today’s digital age, your online reputation has a significant influence on your professional and personal life. With just a simple Google search, anyone can easily find information about you online. Ignoring online reputation management can lead to potentially damaging consequences that you cannot afford to risk.

Your Online Image Matters

Your online image forms quickly based on what people can find about you on the internet. According to a study from the Society for Human Resource Management, 69% of employers conduct online background checks before hiring. Another survey from PR Newswire showed that over 80% of recruiters reject candidates based on their social media profiles.

Poor online reputation leads prospective employers and partners to view you in an unflattering light. It severely limits your career and business opportunities. On the other hand, a good online reputation helps establish you as an authority and thought leader in your field.

Since you do not control what others post about you online, managing your reputation is essential to shaping how people perceive you.

Negative Content Can Go Viral

In the internet era, negative news and reviews spread like wildfire. Even if the content is untrue or posted with malicious intent, it can still damage your reputation. This is because people naturally pay more attention to negative information compared to positive news.

If you ignore such content, it allows the negativity to accumulate and spread. Over time, this content starts to dominate the first pages of Google search results for your name. Your positive achievements get buried under the negative publicity. Before you know it, your reputation is tarnished beyond repair.

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It Harms Your Personal Life Too

Your online image does not just affect your career. It also influences your personal relationships with friends, family and partners. People in your social circles are likely to look you up online even if just out of curiosity.

Embarrassing photos, inappropriate comments, and controversial posts can change how others perceive you. This strains personal relationships when your real-life image does not match your online persona.

Ignoring online reputation management exposes your personal life to potentially damaging publicity. It gives others unwanted ammunition to judge or undermine you in your private relationships.

Repairing Damages is Difficult

Rebuilding your reputation after taking a hit online is challenging. Simply removing the negative content is not enough. The best way is to flood search engine results with positive information that offsets the damage.

This requires constantly creating high-quality online properties like your website, blog, social media channels and press features. However, this is extremely time-consuming, expensive and labour-intensive. Preventing damage via proactive management is more prudent than waiting until you have to repair your ruined reputation.

It Protects Your Livelihood

For business owners and working professionals, your online image directly impacts your livelihood. In professions where trust, credibility and character determine success, reputation damage can destroy your career. Even in other fields, it affects your employability, advancement and salary expectations.

Can you risk not managing your online reputation when your ability to earn an income hangs in the balance? Ignoring it is akin to leaving your professional fate to chance. With proper management, you control how the world perceives you.

Specialist Help is Needed

Maintaining a positive reputation requires expertise that most individuals do not possess. Online reputation management involves search engine optimization (SEO), constant online monitoring, social media, and often, legal assistance.

Handling everything yourself while keeping up with your regular work is impossible for one person. You should engage a specialist online reputation management firm like Oom SG. Their dedicated focus, manpower and experience make professional management well worth the investment.

The Proper Way to Outsource Search Engine Reputation Management

Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) is a specialised branch of online reputation management. SERM focuses on managing and improving how an individual or business is perceived in search engine results. It involves tactics and strategies to promote positive content and push down or remove negative content from search results pages, thereby shaping a more positive online image. If you are an individual or a business, it is wise to outsource Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) to avoid tarnishing your search engine reputation. Here’s a guide on how to properly outsource SERM:

  1. Assess Your Needs

Firstly, it is important to identify your needs before you start searching for a SERM (search engine marketing) agency. The major concerns regarding your name, such as a bad search outcome, terrible reviews, or inapplicable material. This will enable you to identify the appropriate agency based on your needs.

  1. Research SERM Agencies

Begin by searching SERM organisations within your region and across the globe. Find companies that focus on reputation management and possess a proven history of boosting online reputations.

  1. Read Reviews and Testimonials

To have a feel of how they operate as well as their responsiveness to clients, check reviews and testimonials from previous clients. You can use their examples of work, and how they improve online reputations.

  1. Review Case Studies

Request for some case studies of their previous works in management and improvement of the online reputation of people and enterprises. It will let you know how competent they are.

  1. Transparent Pricing

Talk with the SERM organisation about pricing and payment arrangements. Make sure these institutions are open when it comes to fees and what is offered. Ensure that it fits into your budget and meets your expectations.

  1. Customised Approach

Given that you are in a unique situation, then the SERM agency should build an individual strategy for solving your reputation management issues. Avoid such agencies that provide a universal solution.

  1. Communication and Reporting

Effective communication is key. Ask the agency to give you periodic updates and reports on how the reputation management is proceeding. It should be easily accessible by you for any inquiries or issues that might arise.


In 2023, consciously managing your online reputation is a must. You simply cannot ignore it and expect no consequences. A few negative reviews or inappropriate photos can snowball into reputation damage that destroys your career and relationships. Stop leaving it to chance and work with a professional firm to control your online reputation.

Your online image should be an asset, not a liability. With Oom SG’s expertise in online reputation management, you can rest easy knowing that your reputation is in good hands. Visit our website to learn more about our search engine reputation management (SERM) service.