bigdata-weather“I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them.” – Isaac Asimov

Engineering is a continuously evolving field of study that has shown many different facets over the decades. Since the industrial revolution, engineering has come a long way. It will not be wrong to say that the world we see today is engineering’s testament. From civil engineering to mechanical and electrical engineering – the specialisations have contributed to the world in their own ways.

Today, every branch of engineering works in synergy with each other to give us products and solutions that make our lives better. Computer engineering, for instance, is the primary cog in enabling the digital world we know today. From computers, smartphones to digital ecosystems that we are all glued to – computer engineering makes it all possible. Now in the 21st century, even computer science engineering has evolved. Courses such as BTech in computer science can now be pursued with specialisation in cloud computing. However, what’s the essence of cloud computing?

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a technology that deals with on-demand availability of computer system resources such as data storage and computing power. All such services are hosted on the internet and are broadly classified into three categories – IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service).

Nonetheless, cloud computing is a buzzword in the technological world and is witnessing a lot of interest and investment. A career in cloud computing is highly fruitful for students who wish to go beyond the norm. B Tech in computer science with a specialisation in cloud computing has everything for students from a career perspective. Let’s look at why students should pursue B Tech in computer science with cloud computing.

  1. The demand for Cloud Computing Professionals

In the ever-evolving technological world, companies are looking for professionals who have specialised in the cloud computing field and can implement and manage ‘cloud environment’ in their infrastructure. The demand for cloud computing professionals is phenomenal, with some sources suggesting that the demand exceeds the supply by many folds.

Courses such as B Tech computer science with a specialisation in cloud computing and virtualization technology also have subjects like DevOps that are key to a successful career in cloud computing. Most companies today use DevOps methodologies to deliver applications and software. Hence, cloud computing delivers a lot more to students to kickstart a career.

  1. Job Security

If you’re an intelligent cloud computing professional, your job is here to stay. Firstly, there is a deficit in the market – the demand for cloud computing professionals is more than the supply. Companies are looking for candidates who can sustain their infrastructure in the competitive environment and make processes leaner and faster.

Cloud computing is one of those fields of studies that are not influenced by volatile market conditions.

  1. Excellent Compensation

Compensation is another essential dimension by which all careers are judged. Cloud computing is way ahead than other specialisations in the pay scale department. For students looking towards an excellent earning potential, cloud computing will prove to be advantageous.

Pair the B Tech degree with a couple of certificates or pursue a degree with a curriculum designed by one of the biggest computing companies, and you are sure to get paid more than you expect.

  1. Future-Proof and Full of Opportunities

If you end up working for a core technology company that focuses on computing, you are sure to come across excellent opportunities throughout your career. Cloud computing is the latest in the field of computer science. Since organizations are moving from traditional IT practices to future ones, students who choose cloud computing will future proof their careers.

Furthermore, in a core technical organization, a specialised degree will put you ahead in the hierarchy and ease your way into the leadership profiles quickly. Such specialisations are sure to offer opportunities, including taking them to C-Level positions.

Your Course of Action

If you wish to pursue a career in cloud computing, you need to have a thorough strategy in mind. It would be best if you had good credentials and a drive strong enough to pursue a career in this field. However, the first thing that you need to do is choose a university that offers this specialisation.

In India, only a handful of universities offers B Tech in Computer Science with specialisation in Cloud Computing. Universities like UPES are leading the way in this field among others and offer one of the most comprehensive cloud computing courses. UPES offers B Tech in Computer Science with a specialisation in Cloud Computing and Virtualisation in academic collaboration with IBM. It is known for its industry-oriented curriculum and provides exceptional hands-on training. Not only that, the university has a unique pedagogy that focuses equally on practical and theoretical knowledge. The university is also India’s first and only university to be rated QS 5 Stars for Employability.