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Whether you are travelling or simply looking to change your mobile contact, there’s a good chance you are probably been blindsided and confused by the numerous advertisements on mobile phone plans. This is normal and since you were already used to your previous plan, the confusion is to be expected. However, you should know how to navigate through the basic facts about mobile phone plans before you can fully understand what you are really buying.

How To Identify The Best Mobile Phone Plans

A particular mobile phone plan may appeal to you but it may not appeal to someone else, and therefore, when we mention about the best mobile phone plans, then it simply depends on your preferences and schedules. You should first be able to tell what was great about your previous plan and what warrants you to change it. In most cases, people seeking to transfer to a different plan are only doing so out of advertising and marketing influences. However, discerning shoppers may have other pressing needs such as traveling or an expired mobile phone contract to think about.

Sim-Only Versus Mobile Only Plans

The two most apparent choices in mobile phone plans are between a Sim-only plan and a mobile phone plan. A Sim-only plan is best for travelers who want to retain their previous mobile phone but want a sim-card they can exchange between different phones. It is also ideal if you intend on buying a mobile phone out of contract. There are some cost differences between these two plans since sim only plans doesn’t come with the extra payments of a mobile phone. Therefore sim-only plans tend to be cheaper and more flexible.

There is a third option, which is the prepaid plan. Mobile plans Australia features majorly prepaid plans due to the vast geographical distances which might affect service delivery and access to sim cards or mobile phone outlets. The prepaid mobile plan is great for the outdoor traveler since they can easily buy bundles and tokens whenever they need and therefore don’t have to pay a monthly charge or even incur any interests on a mobile phone plan.

Preferred Mobile Phone Plan for Beginners

A beginner to a mobile phone plan could be anyone since it basically means you will be the one making a decision on the mobile phone plan rather than a third party. There are some beginners who had been on a company plan for years and upon retirement find that they have to negotiate and pay for their own plans. The best plan in such a scenario is one that allows you some flexibility and freedom but with lower costs. You can opt for a mobile phone plan that comes with a lower number of SMSs, Texts and Data, but which also offers you the option of adding these resources once they exhaust.


However, if the mobile phone is a main priority for you, then choose the mobile phone plan that comes with the latest mobile phone, but with reduced costs on texts and calls, since you’ll probably rely on online services for those. This would be a great choice in the long run since you’ll be able to make the most of your phone without the need to upgrade it.