supply chain managementLogistics is one of the most significant components of your supply chain management and product inventory. Just because things are operating okay, doesn’t mean they are as efficient as they can be.

Nor does it say you got everything right in the process. So, if the time has come to redevelop your logistics strategy, where do you begin? What should you change, reformat, and where should you leave things alone? Let’s cover a few ways you can instantly redesign the logistic space and improve inventory control within your company’s supply chain streamlining.

Consider Direct to Store

Sometimes having items sit on shelves for days, weeks, or months at a time doesn’t make sense; actually, it never makes sense. If you have the option to ship items directly to the store or directly to the customer, why not?

You eliminate wasted space in the warehouse, you’ll find it’s easier to get items to customers faster, and you’ll learn what the best distribution channels are, based on your clientele, their ordering patterns, and the product lines you offer to your customers. 

Know that One-Size Doesn’t Fit All

Just because most companies do things one way, doesn’t mean you have to. You shouldn’t! One-size doesn’t fit all as it pertains to supply chain, logistics, distribution, and order inventory. Some things to consider are

  • The size of your company
  • How many team members you have working in the distribution channel
  • The suppliers and network you are working with
  • The different approaches to shipping and order inventory control

Understanding your organization, your finances, and your goals/objectives are essential when it comes to determining the proper logistics operations for your supply chain and warehouses. Every company has to do things that work for their team.

So, don’t consider a “canned approach” as it relates to logistics and don’t follow the stream, or do what your competitors are doing, just because it is working for them. Find what works for your team, and stick with that… even if it is an unorthodox approach. 

Know There’s More Than One Method of Transportation

You can ship by plane, sea, large freight orders, or dropship. There’s more than one way to do things, so make sure you know what the best shipment options are for your company. Depending on warehouse size, you might find it tough to recreate the logistic pattern for some deliveries.

However, there are ways you can improve processes, and you can save in the process. So, make sure you understand all methods of shipping, delivery, and find the options that are going to best work in your company’s infrastructure.

Do not limit the approaches you should or can take, and make sure you know what works for your organization and your customer base. 

Remain Flexible

Off-shore, near-shore, onshore, overhead, and more. Keep an open mindset when it comes to the different ways you can store items, and deliver items to your customers. Logistics happen nationally, within the state, globally, and on different scales.

It’s essential that your company is flexible, and that you consider all of the alternative avenues that will help you maintain the highest output and production for your customers. Sometimes you might have to take a different approach to get things delivered faster or for a more affordable price.

Make sure you keep an open mind to the various processes that exist, and that you maintain a free line of communication with the network partners you might work with to achieve those objectives. 

Consider “Green” Networks

Intermodal opportunities, rather than shipping on large trucks and freight vehicles, have become a common practice in many industries. There are multiple “green” and Eco-friendly distribution channels that your company can work with.

So, learn about these options and decide what is going to work for you. Sometimes it’s not just about being an Eco-friendly company, but also about the cost savings that might take place when you consider the alternative, “green” approaches for shipment and logistic channels.

Integrated controls and ServiceNow implementation can assist your team with logistics control, inventory, supply chain management, and more! Reach out to our specialists so we can begin implementing new strategies within your organization. We’re here to assist you, so contact our team today!


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