Meest America provides shipping to Poland, transporting parcels from the USA worldwide. Combined transport schemes are used for distant routes, considering differences in infrastructure quality and transport organization. For the convenience of its clients, the company offers registration on the Meest portal, allowing them to create and process shipments independently.

How to Register on the Meest Portal

You must provide your information to register on the Meest portal for shipping to Poland. Additionally, you’ll need to create your log in and password, which the system will recognize you by. Typically, all users who already use the portal’s services for the cheapest postage to Poland from the USA note more advantages:

  • Estimate shipping costs quickly and accurately.
  • Fill out customs documents online.
  • Stay updated on delivery rates.
  •  Track payment history.
  • Manage recipient shipments with a personal list.

We’d like to remind you that for Meest Portal clients, the company offers the option to independently process the package to Poland and leave it at any drop-off point of partner companies FedEx or UPS.

How to Complete a Customs Declaration Online

A customs declaration is a document that provides customs authorities with vital information about your shipment, including sender and recipient details, a description of the goods, and their country of origin. It’s crucial to provide a thorough and accurate description when filling out the form online, following the instructions provided.

When detailing the goods in the customs declaration, include:

  • What type of items?
  • What material are the items made of?
  • The purpose of the items (e.g., a gift).

For instance, instead of using “Gifts,” “Textiles” provide a specific description, such as “Two pieces of women’s cotton T-shirts.”

How to Track a Package on the Website

A tracking number is a unique alphanumeric code assigned to a registered postal shipment. The tracking code lets you quickly track a registered letter, parcel, package, or cargo and find their location.

The Meest portal will enable you to track the location of your package, letter, or shipment from anywhere in the world. simply enter the tracking number into the special form in your account.

Meest America makes everything to make your delivery from the USA to Poland fast and convenient. We are constantly expanding our delivery geography. Stay tuned for our updates as we add new countries for your convenience.