data analytics in real estate

If there’s one transaction you must get right for the sake of your future finances, it’s buying or selling a home. The right purchase can set you up years later, stabilizing your budget by acting as a nest egg.

Then, when that day comes, you’ll sell your home and cash out. Finally, after years of stagnation, the real estate industry has been disrupted by Nobul, a digital real estate platform created by Regan McGee, who built the tool to help people get the best deal possible.

Let’s explore some of the positive ways that Nobul is disrupting the real estate industry.

Incentivized Agents

There’s a difference between a realtor who works hard for you and one who offers a better package than rivals to secure your business. Nobul tilts the playing field in the buyer’s favour by letting prospective buyers sit back as agents flood their inboxes with competitive offers.

They can compare profiles to see whose services and experience best align, then read the user reviews to get a better sense of the agent. Nobul doesn’t let agents pay money to get listed or ranked higher, so this data is accurate and reliable.

As McGee told Toronto Life magazine, “A lot of people claiming to be disruptors and innovators in the industry are doing the exact same things that have been done for decades.”

If there’s any time for lower commissions or cash back, it’s when buying a home. It’s about time that homebuyers got a meaningful advantage in the housing market, which has been difficult to enter as prices have risen dramatically for the past few years.

Algorithms for the Win

Leveraging computing power to get more and better data helps buyers and sellers. Those in the market for a home can describe what they’re looking for and receive listings in their inbox that meet their criteria so closely they feel curated.

The platform analyzes millions of transactions to put the right ones in your lap. For sellers, the algorithm helps determine the right price a property commands.

Some buyers who live in a different region and need someone on the ground elsewhere use Nobul to connect with a competitive agent who works for them. Once Nobul pairs them with the right person, the algorithm does its magic and crunches the numbers.

Secure and Private

The real estate boost buyers and sellers enjoy shouldn’t come at the expense of security or privacy risks. Nobul shields users from a breach by never sharing contact information with the agents.

The two parties can be in constant contact, but all communication runs through the app. Share listings, send text messages, or make calls without worrying that your phone number or other private information can get into the wrong hands.

Stay fully caught up without having to lift a finger or fear you could be the victim of a data breach.

Digital technology has transformed how people buy and sell things in countless industries. Finally, the real estate industry gets the boost that gives homebuyers and sellers a competitive edge. Nobul makes real estate transactions easier to complete and more valuable for both parties. Get in on it now, and don’t let that competitive edge go to waste.