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When looking for mortgages for a new home, the decision to get it from brokers or a bank could be a tough one to make. Knowing the distinction between these two options is tricky because you may not know what one has above the other.

Your financial situation, the property you wish to get, and credit card rating may determine the decision you make. In this article, we will extensively discuss mortgage brokers and mortgage banks, their advantages, and drawbacks. Let’s begin!

What Are Mortgage Brokers?

They are middlemen who help to bring both borrowers and lenders of mortgages together. However, they do not use their own funds to produce these mortgages. Trusted brokers will help those who seek to borrow mortgages connect with those who lend based on their financial status and interest needs.

The brokers help to collate paperwork from borrowers and then pass that to the lenders for approval. Also, they earn commission from both the lender and borrower or either of them after the contract closes. You can check out GLM Mortgage Group to learn more about such brokers.

What Are Banks for Mortgages?

These are specialized banks that grant loans for mortgages. Their activities involve the generation and servicing of mortgage loans. Additionally, they give loans from their capital to the borrowers, then get their payments back either in installments or in full along with interests.

What Are the Differences Between a Mortgage Broker and Mortgage Banks?

When looking for mortgage advice, a bank will only offer advice on their products and services. You won’t get a versatile option; it would rather be one-sided to favor what they offer. But with mortgage brokers, you get multiple options of lenders based on your financial needs.

Furthermore, after filling out your details with the brokers, they help to process this information and choose a lender that fits your needs. Many brokers will charge for services they render and many times, these services will vary based on the brokers.

So, if you want a reliable broker, we advise you to research online (on review sites) about the company you wish to hire so you don’t make a mistake. You can visit to find out how to hire a reliable mortgage broker.

Advantages of Hiring a Broker

The advantages of hiring a broker are:

  1. They know multiple lenders at a time, so you are assured of various choices that meet your financial status.
  2. They have valuable experience and can offer you professional advice.
  3. They represent lenders whom you may not see during your research because these lenders are neither online nor advertise themselves.
  4. They put out mortgages daily and lenders give them better offers as an incentive to find borrowers.
  5. They will assist you in processing your mortgage paperwork and make sure the advice they give you (or the lender option they provide) is based on the information in the documents.

Disadvantages of Hiring a Broker

The disadvantages of hiring a broker are:

  1. A broker’s commission can cost more than getting a loan from a financial institution.
  2. If the lender paid the commission, a broker is more inclined to give your mortgage to that lender even if that may not be right for you.

Advantages of Banks for Mortgages

The advantages of banks for mortgages are:

  1. There is no commission charge for mortgages.
  2. These banks are regulated. Therefore, they are mandated to follow stricter, more ethical rules and guidelines regarding the lending of mortgages and processing borrowers’ applications.

Disadvantages of Banks for Mortgages

  1. The bank only offers its mortgage services and products.
  2. They will not offer various options of lenders based on your financial history or credit card ratings.

You can read this article to know more about the differences between both mortgages.


The choice of whether to seek help from a broker or go directly to a bank is very personal. Yet with no foreknowledge on which will be the best fit for your needs and preference, it becomes difficult to choose.

This article has shown different reasons why either option is viable. If you want to have a variety of options to choose from, choose a broker. Otherwise, you can go to a bank directly.


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