mongodbMongoDB has announced the latest release of the NoSQL database, incorporating the WiredTiger storage engine for greater performance, and introducing Ops Manager, a new application for managing MongoDB deployments.

MongoDB 3.0 is set to be generally available in March, when the firm has finished “putting it through its paces”, according to co-founder and chief technology officer Eliot Horowitz.

This release brings major improvements to performance and scalability, enabled by comprehensive improvements in the storage layer thanks to the incorporation of the storage engine MongoDB gained through its acquisition of WiredTiger at the end of last year.

WiredTiger has been coded to make the best use of modern hardware architectures, such as processors with large on-chip caches and heavily threaded architectures, in order to deliver greatly improved performance for the most demanding applications, the firm said.

MongoDB claimed that the performance and scalability enhancements in the latest release make the platform a serious contender in the enterprise database market, positioning MongoDB as the standard database management system for modern applications.

“MongoDB 3.0’s performance, scalability and manageability now set the standard for today’s most demanding applications,” Horowitz said.

“Moreover, with this release users can build applications that deliver between 7x and 10x greater write throughput, while using up to 80 percent less storage, and managing their operations with up to 95 percent less effort.”

Also introduced is Ops Manager, a new tool designed to enable database administrators to deploy, upgrade, monitor and back up systems with ease.

This is a development of the existing MongoDB Management Service, which was given an overhaul last year with continuous incremental data back up, point-in-time recovery, monitoring and alerts, with preview support for automation capabilities.

Ops Manager is claimed to reduce the overheads of managing complex MongoDB deployments by as much as 95 percent for many operations.

Tasks such as deploying, scaling and upgrading MongoDB are reduced to just a few clicks or an API call, according to the firm.

Ops Manager is available as part of MongoDB Enterprise Advanced, a package of software, support, certifications and other services from the firm.

MongoDB runs on Windows, Linux and OS X, and is available with subscription licensing for support services. Source