Data GovernanceThe amount of data produced every single month in 2017 was more than the data that was produced in the decade spanning from 2002-2012. Nearly 2.3 quintillion bytes of data is created every single day. More and more enterprises now look to leverage this huge amount of data for enhancing their business models, to lead them into digitalized revolution. However, the utilization of the data produced is a hefty task and requires great skills. Therefore, there has emerged a high-rise in demand for data scientists and analyzers to provide enterprises various benefits from data analyzation.

It is reported that by the end of 2018 there will be a requirement of over 1 million new data scientists around the world. Moreover, according to the Harvard Business Review, data scientist is one of the most amazing jobs of the 21st century. Hence, if you are planning on becoming a data scientist, this is the perfect time to develop your skills and get a lucrative job.

One of the foremost skills that a data scientist must have is a good knowledge of SAS programming language and a certificate of clearing the exam. You can learn and get SAS certification in Delhi and Gurgaon easily to pursue a bright future in this field.

Factors That Make SAS The Best Programming Language

  • Excellent Data Handler

The ability of SAS to read data from various databases and its data handling is second to none. So, if you have good SAS training, handling big data becomes a piece of cake. SAS can pull parallel computations as well process data on RAM. You can easily use it for judging the probability of the distribution of data and complex simulations. Nowadays, enterprises look for candidates who can drive insights by analyzing the attained data easily.

  • Functional and Graphical Capabilities

SAS is software with extremely efficient graphical and functional capabilities. Customizing the functionalities is a bit hard initially, but if you have elaborate knowledge of SAS, it becomes quite efficient in the longer run. A proper training and certification course will help you walk through the various areas of possibilities and achieve incredible results in projects in real-time.

  • Efficient Customer Support

Despite being an expensive option for data science programming, enterprises prefer SAS because once they buy and install it, they do not need to bother about its functionalities. Efficient and helpful customer support is responsible for the smooth operations of the SAS software and its tools. They help with the adaption of new techniques, operational ease, contractual intricacies and many other functions, allowing you to concentrate on the main job.

  • Reliability

As SAS is a closed system, the privacy and security are better in it than the open source tools. When it comes to handling large scale projects where there are many stakeholders, you cannot rely on untested techniques and tools. Sometimes being old-school is the best way to deal with the problem. SAS can adapt to developing technologies and bring out the complete functioning programs with proper assurance and technical support. It is not the fastest to adapt to different technological advancements, but it is the most reliable.

  • High Demand in Industry

If you go through the required skills listings of data science jobs, one skill you will come across everywhere is a good knowledge of SAS. It is true that many new start-ups and small-scale organizations tend to opt for open source languages. However, the cream or high-end jobs still prefer good SAS training and certification. So, if you know SAS you are in demand.

The continuous advancements in the field of data analytics and data explosion have forced enterprises to look for individuals with high-skills and data handling capabilities. The growth in the number of jobs is likely be more than 45 per cent by 2019. So, if you want a high-paying and successful career as a data scientist, you must opt for a legitimate SAS training. For that, all you need to do is attain a legitimate SAS certification training course and begin with your successful career.