bigdata-weatherCloud computing is certainly one of the biggest moves that businesses can make when it comes to technology progression. According to a study by the Cloud Security, 86% of companies are now investing in IT budget and IT services. It seems that cloud computing has made significant improvements to the way businesses are run; whether small-scale or larger in size. Ultimately, these systems have the ability to combat severe challenges that are faced by companies, and in the case of some software solutions (see more at, promote climate action and sustainability too. But why exactly are businesses now deciding to make the move?

Here is why Cloud computing is crucial for business progression:

1.  Flexibility

Unlike having to store large amounts of data on a computer system, cloud-based services can store unlimited files which are easily accessible from any connected device. When your team members can retrieve, amend and share documents with each other, it allows for a greater sense of collaboration. Employees can then complete tasks at a quicker pace, and those in authority can check individual progress.

Cloud software is a must-have for businesses who hire a large proportion of remote workers, who may be required to access specific documents when completing tasks. Providing they are connected to the internet; remote workers can still feel a part of the workforce without being present in the office. The result of this is that companies can use work-from-home opportunities as an employee benefit, which can be a real pull factor for prospective employees looking for flexible working situations.

2.  Backup and Data Recovery

Rather than risking saving all documents on a single device, many cloud-based services offer a recovery service, in which deleted files can be re-accessed simply by the click of a button. In comparison to traditional methods of data saving, these unique backup features take the pressure off businesses who may fear losing important documents when older computers finally decide to give up. Secure Backup is a key local and online backup solution that restores deleted files and offers a customized backup protection feature to give employees the peace of mind that their work will never be lost.

3.  Cost-effective

It is no secret that every single business owner has an interest in lowering outgoing costs whenever necessary and a cloud-based service may even save the company money. In comparison to traditional desktop software which can cost far more for the licensing of multiple users, cloud systems are much more cost-efficient in the long-term and therefore will reduce a large proportion of outgoings spent on IT software.

4. Security

In the current world, you can never be too careful of personal information getting into the wrong hands. This can be a real worry when confidential information is stored on individual machines, as there is no way to prevent data being hacked into. Cloud computing systems could drastically lower the chances of a security breach. Saving information on these online networks allows employees to access information at any time of day and wipe data from any missing machines, so there is never a need for concern.