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The area of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science is massive. To understand between Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, often there is a lot of confusion. In this article, we’ve summarized the relationship between these technologies. But first, let’s take a look at what both of them stand for.

What is Artificial Intelligence? 

Artificial intelligence is a field mainly built on computer science. In Artificial Intelligence, computer systems are developed to perform tasks that can also be performed by human intelligence. There are various types of tasks included, such as decision-making systems, facial recognition, and sound recognition, etc. The term artificial intelligence itself is quite vast. To make it easier to understand, let’s just say that this intelligence is built by humans with the intent of making it more like humans and reacting like one. And for these systems to perform well, data plays a significant part in AI as it requires a considerable amount of data also known as big data which greatly varies in these system performances. 

What is Data science?

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Data science is a field that refers to the method of extraction of valuable insights from data through automated ways. It is very hard to oversee and store data in today’s generation, where various organizations are generating huge amounts of data almost on a daily basis. To oversee and keep track of this data, methods like the modeling of data and data warehouse are essential. The generated data needs to be carefully processed so that it can be utilized to expand the business. Data scientists are experts in programming, machine learning, and analyzing the data, etc. To put it simply, Data science is interdisciplinary as it incorporates other fields like computer science, scientific approaches and procedures, and statistics to extract data. 

How is Data Science and Artificial Intelligence related to each other, and what’s their connection?

Data Science and artificial intelligence are not the same, but they are one way or the other connected. 

Data science is an interdisciplinary area that needs concepts and techniques like statistics, visualization, machine learning, etc. In general terms, Data science deals with the methods and processes which carefully examine, analyze and alter data. Data Science also endows artificial intelligence to identify relevant information and gather massive amounts of data with greater efficiency and speed. Data Science in itself is a vast field and students can take up data science certification courses to kick start their career in the data field.

To define data science and artificial intelligence, it’s easier to get confused than to understand the actual meaning of these two as each of them are quite vast and complicated at the same time. As a matter of fact, both of these terms are often discussed by highly interested people and hyped up rather than addressing the actual problems as a result the whole scenario gets more confusing and complex.

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence: Comparison between these two technologies 

Data Science conducts to collect large amounts of data for analytics and visualization, whereas artificial intelligence assists in executing data and understanding the machines.


Data Science uses statistical methods for the development and layout.

Artificial Intelligence uses algorithms for the development and layout.


Data Science utilizes the Data Analytics technique.

Artificial Intelligence utilizes Deep Learning and Machine Learning techniques.


Data Science looks for structures in data to make concrete and well-informed decisions.

Artificial intelligence imposes intelligence in machines with the help of data to make them react like humans. 

Problem Solving

Data Science uses portions of a loop or program to solve certain issues.

Artificial Intelligence, however, exemplifies the loop for planning and reasoning.


Data Science utilizes a medium level of data processing for manipulating the data.

Artificial Intelligence utilizes high-level processing of scientific data for manipulating the data.


Data Science allows you to represent data in various graphical layouts.

Artificial Intelligence helps you to use an algorithm network node representation.


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