tableauThe need for understanding and leveraging data has never been easier. Tableau has recently declared the initiation of Tableau 10.2. Improvements in this newer version make advanced analytics better, quicker and more scalable. This release brings in new features that can be classified into Compliance, data access, analytics functionality and user interface features.

So what is new in Tableau 10.2

Below are all new ways that have been constantly added and that might come into existent to leverage, prep data and manage deployments within the organization. Learning Tableau Course lets you ensure the different abilities:

  • Advanced Mapping Capabilities

Today’s enterprises are in a dire need to leverage data locked in geospatial files and visualize them through definite mapping programs. Tableau’s strong mapping abilities incorporate new Spatial File Connector that enables customers to leverage data directly into Tableau. This Connector also opens up a brand new analytics window.

  • Simplified Data Prep for Everyone

Collaborating and cleansing data for analysis can be a time-taking and risky job to perform. Tableau 10.2 simplifies the process with the help of robust features, so people can get through the analysis faster. Tableau also lets people unite tables within the database, leverage database structure and schemas more efficiently. Transforming the existing data from a string to a date type is made easy with Automatic DateParse.

  • Conformance with Accessibility Guidelines

Tableau visualizations are now made conformant to the existing Accessibility Guidelines. People working in an environment can author and publish content with attributes that make them easier to perceive and explore. Common elements include keyboard support, assistive technological functions like screen reading software.

  • Enhanced Flexibility for the IT Governed Enterprise

Organizations are giving their employees an opportunity to query deeper questions of the data with the help of a reliable and controlled platform. Tableau 10.2 furnishes fine-grained controls over guest access. It enhances SAP BW connectivity through Single Sign-on support. Tableau can now aid the security rules and ensure that users can only see the authorized data.

  • 60 Instant Data Connectors

Tableau is constantly accessing data with the help from direct connectors to the prominent web apps being used to run enterprises today. In Tableau 10.2, advanced connectors embrace Apache Drill and Microsoft SharePoint lists.

  • User Interface

Tableau is investing a lot on the user interface. The 10.2 release is looking forward for the contextual sizing of data and its individual measure support. There is also wider support for story points, enabling users to enhance the presentation that displays data. All this process is actually considered as the latest step on the road to animation.

  • Tableau invests in the future

Tableau has more to experience in the future. It is working on a “Minority report” style of interface. Like any other enterprise, they are also putting focus on natural language interface and spending a lot of bucks on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.


This new release carries several features that might benefit users around. Tableau is putting whole lot of investment in R&D and is looking forward to expanding the boundaries by creating innovative updates and solutions and bring them up to the market. Tableau analytics software is now all determined to enjoy the dominance in the level of advanced analytics ahead of their rivals.

The post is by Sirisha Paladhi, she is working as a Content Writer at Mindmajix and she possesses love and passion towards writing, which brought her into this field. You can reach her on LinkedIn