Microsoft_CertsMCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) is an entry level certification validated by Microsoft for budding developers and IT professionals. The certification can open various doors for an IT guy as it gives you authority and validation for Microsoft products and servers in the corporate world. The credential gives you an edge over others in job opportunities and in overall career growth. After getting your MCSA, you can opt for the higher Microsoft certifications which will further enhance your chances of pursuing a dream IT career and even will increase your chances of landing to a high-profile job. There are different options of MCSA certifications available for an individual according to one’s interest and area of expertise.

  • MCSA: Windows 8.1,
  • MCSA: Windows Server 2016,
  • MCSA Cloud Platform,
  • MCSA SQL Database Administrator 2016

Opportunities for an MCSA SQL certification holder

You can easily secure a high-profile career after adding MCSA to your resume and job profile. After getting your hands on the esteemed credential (MCSA SQL certification), you can easily work as an SQL Database Administrator in a reputed organisation, where you’ll have to utilise your expertise on SQL databases and servers to secure the business opportunities for your company in a cut-throat corporate environment. The SQL Database Administrator is also trusted with securing the database of his company and ensuring its overall potential and reliability. One is assigned to use his SQL expertise to drive enough business opportunities for his company in the various areas of IT and app development.

After MCSA SQL certification?

After getting your MCSA SQL certification, you can opt for either an MCSE: Data platform or MCSE: Business Intelligence Certification according to your choice or interest. This addition will not only improve your skill-sets of managing the databases but this will allow you the expertise in designing database structure and improvising with the associated servers, objects and storage. It will also allow you to maintain the overall Microsoft database in a better and more organised way by implementing and designing solutions based on your expertise of SQL. After earning your MCSE certification, one has an option of working as;

  • Database designers
  • Database analysts
  • Business intelligence engineers

One more benefit of pursuing an MCSE after your MCSA SQL certification is that it gives you more leverage with Microsoft products on a permanent basis and does not recertification and ensures permanent validation as long as the Microsoft is supporting SQL Software. While the MCSA certification expires in three years and you’ll have to recertify or renew it by giving an exam every three years to improve your skill sets and knowledge according to the latest developments of technology.

On a concluding note, as long as one can handle cloud and know his way around SQL servers and databases can handle the Microsoft products and servers in a better way by obtaining the credential as it gives one more potential and leverage in a corporate and enterprise level amongst other competitors vouching for the same job in some big organisation or IT giant.