DARPA_Big_DataIt’s true that secure data sharing is important for nearly all industries operating across the globe today. With so much pressure heaped upon companies to keep any data that they may hold safe, secure sharing is of the utmost importance to even the smallest of businesses.

However, there are some sectors where the need for secure data transfer will be more important than others in 2015.


For lawyers, confidence is everything. A law firm must be able to ensure that their client’s details and documents remain secure and away from any prying eyes. A leak of any kind could be enough to jeopardise a case that may have been running for months. The collapse of just one case would be extremely damaging to any law firm’s reputation.

What’s more, failing to secure the data transfer of documents could result in the law firm themselves being sued. This is not the greatest advertisement, as they are supposed to solving legal issues – not creating them.


Those working in the pharmaceutical industry have to be especially careful about making sure their data sharing is secure for a couple of reasons. For one thing, they often have to sign NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) with other companies for them to do business in the first place. So again, any breach of proper secure protocol could cause legal actions.

But, it’s also true that pharmaceutical data tends to be of a very sensitive nature as well. Being first to market in this industry is everything, losing the formula to the latest miracle cure would be disastrous – even for the largest pharmaceutical firms.


Security and finance go hand in hand, or at least they should. New technology can often give financial powerhouses an edge over rivals, and any loss of data could quickly see that advantage taken away in an instant.

For an industry that deals with billions each and every day, it’s easy to see why secure data transfer is vital to success.


Those who work in industries interfacing with the government are often responsible for making sure that government secrets are maintained. If you are connected to a governmental department via your business in any way, safe data protocols are going to be necessary in order to obtain a contract as well maintaining good relations going forward.

Any company working with the government, or any government branch working on its own, will want to be absolutely certain about secure transfer in 2015, or else they are liable to face severe consequences.

Any companies in these industries that haven’t already implemented secure data sharing should really think about doing this soon in 2015 in order to really make sure they are safe in the new year, and that they are complying with all of the laws that apply to their particular industry.

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