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In recent months, artificial intelligence tools have become increasingly accessible to members of the general public. What was previously conceived to be a technology reserved for top-secret governmental projects, or the laboratories of distinguished scientists, is now readily available to the masses. Arguably, the key catalyst behind this development was the launch of ChatGPT, a platform that enables users to re-calibrate the content, style, and structure of a message they wish to convey at the simple press of a button. Within a week of its arrival, ChatGPT had acquired over one million users; fast-forward to present day, and this figure has grown to approximately 100m.

The growing influence of AI 

ChatGPT is already being utilized by a whole host of commercial entities. Given the platform’s ability to instantly re-position the way, an original text is presented, subsequently improving the quality of the narrative and increasing the likelihood that it finds the right audience.

The use of AI technology for business is far from a new phenomenon. For example, within the gambling industry, casino operators use artificial intelligence to collate player data and behavior, before leveraging this information to deliver tailored bonuses and promotions to specific prospective customers. Indeed, using this methodology, gaming firms can be incredibly precise in their marketing efforts.

ChatGPT and other AI applications are set to play an increasingly important role in the way businesses operate, advertise, and communicate with customers. Therefore, if you’re a business owner, we would encourage you to quickly familiarize yourself with these tools; attending a relevant workshop or seminar is often the best way to achieve this. See below for a recommended course. 

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ChatGPT & AI Introductory Seminar for Professionals (AI Literacy Level 1) – Stockport, Gt. Manchester

This one-day course provides the perfect introduction to ChatGPT, and offers a general overview of how AI technology is permeating the corporate sector. As a consequence of attending this seminar, you’ll have:

  • A firm understanding of how AI works, and a rudimentary grasp of Natural Language Processing (NLP), the study of how human language can be captured and analyzed by computer software.
  • Set up a personal account on ChatGPT, and received hands-on training on how to use the platform. During this session, you’ll learn how to successfully exploit ChatGPT features within a professional setting.
  • Discovered ‘real-world’ examples of how businesses use artificial intelligence tools for various purposes, as platforms such as ChatGPT continue to improve and evolve to meet the demands of its users.
  • Been given an opportunity to discuss your own business’ potential AI requirements, and subsequently received direct support and advice on how to address these needs.

The course is facilitated by two experts in their respective fields; Robert Dixon is a senior lecturer in strategic management at Manchester Metropolitan University and has worked directly with SME’s for over two decades, whilst Dylan Humphreys, an AI, Prompt Engineering, and ChatGPT specialist, has over 25-years of experience in the technology and ICT sector.

Delegates are advised to bring their own laptops to the seminar, as the hands-on training element requires computer access.

Key details:

Date: Thursday 14th September

Time: 9.30am – 4.30pm

Venue address: Park Square, 28 Bird Hall Lane, Stockport, SK3 0XN

Tickets available here