splunkOperational Intelligence (OI) is a part of real-time business analytics that delivers productive visibility and insight into organizational data as well as business operations. OI helps run queries against data feeds and event data to deliver effective analytical results and provides organizations the ability to make decisions depending on the analytical insights provided by the OI.

A leading platform for Operational Intelligence is Splunk; it allows the organization to look closely at data and never ignore any aspect of it. Insights provided by Splunk creates productivity for the organization, proves profitable in terms of financials, competitive to always stay ahead of competitors and secure by all means for protecting the data. In simple words, Splunk makes simple machine data usable, accessible and valuable to the organization.

Splunk offers a certification course to individuals and organizations to become a certified power user of Splunk. Splunk certification is the prerequisite to the Certified Admin Certification, that prepares organizations or individuals to become Splunk certified power users. Splunk offers a set curriculum that can be completed through virtual classes, apart from this hands-on-labs offers practical training of the software and the final step of Splunk training is the online exam.

Splunk provides customized training and classes for various users, depending on their usage of the software. Splunk classes are for:

  • Users: This learning path takes its learners to investigate searches of keywords to visualizations and creating reports
  • Enterprise Admins: This administrative course holds the users for single instances are even large deployments and additionally teaches how to keep installation of the software clean and healthy
  • Cloud Customers: This course would only be an advantage if the user is in charge of managing the Plunk cloud, configurations or even data inputs
  • App Developers: This is mainly for the employees are that are in charge of app development, where the certified individual can create interactive forms and dashboards and even knowledge objects for the organization
  • Architects: This course provides the best practice for scaling and deploying the software all across the organization
  • Security Customers: The course teaches the users how to install, manage and use the software app for security purpose. This can be taken up by administrators, architects and security analysts
  • IT Service Intelligence: This includes the aspects of the software from installing, managing, configuring to planning and deploying.

Various users can choose what type, of course, they wish to take up, relating to the use of the software in the organization. Various courses for power user certification include:

  • Using Splunk: The 41/2 hour course teaches customers how to search, navigate by creating reports and various dashboards. Any freelancing individual or individual from an organization including employees at a help desk, developers or administration staff can complete this certified course.
  • Searching and Reporting: The 9-hour long course places its main focus on Splunk’s software search and other commands that are required for reporting. Customers taking up this course have to deal with scenario based examples and hands-on the challenge that enable users of the software to create charts, reports, and robust searches. The topics included majorly in this course are reporting, formatting, statistics, result from calculations, correlating events, and charting commands.
  • Creating Knowledge Objects: The 9-hour helpful course will help create knowledge objects. Not all organizations have to create knowledge objects, therefore the organizations that have to can benefit from this course. The course provides information about the various types of knowledge objects and also how can they be created. Practical lab classes are also a part of this course to reinforce the same practical expertise learned in class to perform at the organization.
  • Infrastructure Overview: The course is self-paced and provides an insight of the Splunk enterprise infrastructure. Customers opting for this course get a high-level education how to grow the deployment from an instance to multi-distributed organization.

Once customer complete any of the above-mentioned courses, the last step is to apply and take the online test to gain certification and become a certified power user.

The Splunk software help the organization index, manage and enables to search data from any application, network device or server in real time. The software provides data driven insights for every business, even in the organizations having small IT environments. Various products provided by Splunk cover all the aspects of IT service intelligence, enterprise security and behaviour analytics of the organization.

Splunk is quite a unique approach for deploying and customizing a software in the organization and is available through software download or cloud service. Although the software has limited capabilities, the add on help the organization to perform many more tasks, for example, using intelligence feeds to offer security reporting. Making this software a part of your organization is a must.