crypocurrencySeveral years ago, rarely did anyone know anything about Bitcoin. Nowadays, it seems like every day we hear about this cryptocurrency and how its value is skyrocketing. While before this was a currency only tech-savvy people used, nowadays many people have embraced Bitcoin, especially because today you can buy all kinds of items and services online with it. The gambling industry has also welcomed this cryptocurrency, so you can play games in online casinos using Bitcoin. If you want to learn more about gambling with Bitcoin, here is a guide that should help you understand this world better. 

Bitcoin 101

Before we skip to Bitcoin gambling, we should mention a thing or two about the cryptocurrency itself. Well, Bitcoin is a digital money system that doesn’t use physical items such as bills or coins. It exists solely online in virtual wallets and is traded on BTC exchanges. In order to make things even clearer, let’s compare the Bitcoin wallet to a bank account. So, you can use that money to buy things online, to buy services, and send money to other people. However, you can never physically withdraw your Bitcoin, although you can exchange it for currencies like the US dollar or Euro. The most important thing about Bitcoin is the fact that it is decentralized. This means that no government or anyone else can issue BTC or control the process. Instead, every user can access the blockchain, a system where all Bitcoin transactions are registered. Blockchain system makes Bitcoin transparent and anonymous, and it is this combo that makes Bitcoin so popular. 

Types of Bitcoin gambling platforms

When they appeared, Bitcoin gambling platforms were very simple and offered games like dice. Nowadays software is much more sophisticated and you can find anything you want on these platforms. For example, you have Bitcoin bookmakers so you can bet on any mainstream sport with this cryptocurrency. There are also online casinos where you can make deposits with Bitcoin. Many operators have implemented Bitcoin, so be sure to check whether your favorite casino offers this form of payment. If you don’t have a preferred platform, click here to get a list of popular, legit online casinos that offer a pleasant experience. When it comes to poker, nowadays you can find many poker rooms online that are hybrid, which means they work with both standard payment options and BTC. There are also crypto-exclusive rooms.

Ensuring fair play

So, why are operators interested in working with Bitcoin? Well, thanks to this blockchain technology, the fair play of every spin or deal are verified on multiple levels. This means that players can be at ease knowing that they are not being scammed. 

Perks of Bitcoin gambling

Some say that Bitcoin and online gambling is a match made in heaven. There are several reasons why this may be true. First of all, you can keep your anonymity, since there are no boring KYC procedures. In fact, most BTC operators won’t ask you anything. If you want to gamble online and you live in a country where it is illegal, Bitcoin will allow you to play and have fun without getting caught. Second of all, BTC transactions are much faster than traditional payment options. You can forget about waiting a few days to get hands on your money. Thirdly, the fees are almost non-existent. In addition, some of the biggest bonuses are reserved for BTC users. Another perk is security. If you manage to protect your Bitcoin wallet properly, you won’t have to worry about your account being hacked. 

The Bitcoin gambling world is evolving every day, so if you decide to give it a try, you can rest assured that you will find a ton of interesting opportunities. 


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