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Starting their journey in the World of Warcraft game universe, beginners will quickly encounter a situation where the character has reached the limits of its capabilities due to introductory quests and leveling.

The maximum level does not end the game, but only starts it, so know all the possibilities to strengthen your character not at the expense of quest weapons and armor, but at the expense of the best equipment obtained in raids, PVP and PVE activities.


The first and easiest way to get basic and good equipment for starting raids and comfortable group hunts.

A player in equipment obtained exclusively in quest pumping runs the risk of being excluded from most groups due to equipment mismatch with the minimum requirements for the character to be tritely useful in raids and hunting and not be a ballast for the rest of the group members.

To buy basic armor for the maximum level for your class, you can buy WoW gold. You can even consider this action not as a donation, but as an investment for a quick and comfortable start. By spending a little money, you can buy good equipment and start the path of gradually strengthening your character in raids and group leveling.

Mastering professions

During the leveling process, the character will encounter activities related to professions.

Professions are unique character skills associated with collective or creative actions.

Given the characteristics of his class, the player will be able to independently create good equipment for himself, which will be enough to start the path of raids and PVP activities.

You need to decide on the class of the character and upgrade the profession for your character

Good bundles of professions will be:

  • Leatherworking and Skinning – Crafting Light Armor
  • Blacksmithing and mining – heavy armor and weapons.
  • Tailoring and Jewelcrafting – Tailoring will allow you to create cloth armor for mages, and jewelry special spheres, magic weapons.
  • Herbalism and Alchemy – collection and production of defensive and attack type potions, health and mana.
  • Cooking and fishing are additional professions that will allow you to have an interesting game time and create useful products that will have amplifying effects.

Having pumped a bunch of professions in sufficient quantities, you can provide the character with basic and relevant equipment for most not difficult raids.

You can go an alternative way – take a bunch of gathering professions, sell all the resources obtained during the hunt and simply buy the necessary equipment from other players on the market.