dynamics 365Every business needs people who are smart, creative, and accountable to develop harmonious workplaces. Unfortunately, there is no magic wand to attract such resources. So what is the way out? The answer lies in Dynamics 365 Human Resources. It transforms employee experiences while simultaneously optimizing HR programs to ensure that employees and the business succeeds. Here are 7 ways how it helps you have them all.

  1. Helps HR make better use of their time

Improved efficiency and better use of time – that is the first thing it facilitates. Dynamics 365 Human Resources encourages employees to handle basic HR tasks on their own. The time taken to update simple changes like a change in personal status, skills and certifications, etc. can add up. Giving employees the ability to make these changes themselves frees up time for the HR team. Employee profiles are connected through the entire system so that any changes made to their profile are automatically updated across the system.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources also helps HR automate routine tasks and simplifies the reporting structure.

By doing this, it reduces administration costs and gives HR the time needed to focus on more strategic planning.

  1. Simplifies Employee Management

The new Applicant Tracking System (ATS) allows HR managers to find, hire and manage employees on the same dashboard. HR managers can get insights into potential candidates through the LinkedIn network and narrow down the talent pool accordingly. It takes into account all the different stages of recruitment such as verifying work history, scheduling interviews, making offers, etc.  In addition, HR can easily update records when an employee is transferred or leaves the company. In such events, tasks associated with shifting or closing down accounts can be automated.

  1. Empowers employees to take charge of their growth

With its easy to use self-service tools, Dynamics 365 Human Resources puts employees in charge of their personal growth. What more an employee needs? They can create profiles that align their skills with their goals. Since it is important for employees to keep their skills updated, it allows them to view upcoming courses and enroll for the same. Once completed, they can update their profiles. For example, after an employee completes the Microsoft Dynamic 365 Training module, he can publish the Dynamic 365 Certification on his profile. This makes him eligible for a promotion or a new post.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources also helps employees manage their leave requests, set goals, and maintain performance journals to track their growth and stay motivated.

  1. Reduces manager dependence on HR

Dynamics 365 Human Resources gives managers the tools they need to manage their teams without direct interference from HR. They can now initiate key workforce changes such as requesting new people for their team and employee transitions through the self-service tools. It gives them real-time information such as the compensation of different team members, their goals, leave history, reviews etc. to plan work and delegate tasks.

The ability to see updated employee profiles and progress journals gives them the data needed to create holistic performance reviews independently.

  1. Simplifies leave management

Ensuring that all employees can take time off when needed without disrupting workflow is a constant challenge for HR managers. Dynamics 365 Human Resources simplifies this process. HR managers can now create customized guidelines for taking time off. Employees can then initiate requests for leave according to the guidelines. This makes leave requests easy to track for both the employee and the HR managers.

  1. Makes compensation programs easier to manage

Dynamics 365 Human Resources makes it easy for HR managers to set fixed and variable components for employee compensation. It also allows for tailored compensations and lets employees be grouped under bands for easier management. Employees may also be grouped according to regions. This, in turn, allows HR to automate changes in compensation across a group of individuals or make specific compensation changes. This data is presented in an easy-to-understand visual format to help them move towards demographic equality in terms of compensation.

  1. Optimizes benefit programs

In many cases, employees do not know what benefit programs are available to them and must rely solely on the HR team. Dynamics 365 Human Resources makes this more transparent and accessible. HR can now create a list of benefit programs with eligibility criteria and enrollment periods. This list is accessible through the self-service portal and employees can enroll themselves for relevant benefits.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources- The Need of the Hour

A digital tool that connects people and operational process – that is what Dynamics 365 Human Resources is all about. There is no wonder that organizations that used Dynamics 365 Human Resources find that it plays a crucial role in digitally transforming HR practices and streamlining procedures. It helps ensure that employees are taken care of and workforce costs are optimized. If you’re looking for a way to transform your workforce into a super productive team, Dynamics 365 Human Resources is the tool you need. Go for it today.