bigData_wcloudNEWDatabase management is an important business management aspect, and every business wants to manage its data in a more secure manner. Database security matters a lot for the businesses, as data is considered an asset in today’s business scenario. Startups have to manage their data meticulously; otherwise, they shall come across many problems. It is important for startup businesses to understand database flaws and security threats. It is important for the startups to interpret its data properly so that the correct decision can be taken based on the data. When you have all these aspects in mind, you need to search for the best database applications.

For startups, database management is a crucial thing. Hence, every startup business should search for the right database application for seamless handling of data. For that purpose, you need to focus on the best applications available in the marketplace. You can get in touch with RemoteDBA for help. In the following section, you can find a guide in this regard. A few database applications for the startups have been listed below.

  1. Oracle

At the top of our list, we have Oracle, which is a powerful and professional database application manufacturer. The company was established in the year 1979, and since then, it has made steady progress as a brand name in the field of database product development. Oracle database management system has been trusted for its features, security, and seamlessness. Ideally, this platform has been defined as complex, but it is also quite a powerful platform. Since a little complex to understand, people need to be trained properly. Here, startups have to invest money to train their database staffs and executives.

  1. Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft’s DBMS is one of the leading and trusted database platforms in the world. The MS SQL server has been nominated as one of the most enduring servers by the industry experts. The last released server version was the 2016 version. However, the previous versions are in demand too. They are extensively used by industry experts. So, overall, this database management application is highly useful and cutting edge.

  1. MySQL

When it comes to database management, you cannot ignore the importance of MySQL, as it is the most popular database application ever. This open-source platform uses structured query language. For running an eCommerce website, use of MySQL database server is unparallel. Various reputed companies have deployed this database platform for running their business. For example, you can find companies like Google, Facebook, and Adobe use the MySQL platform. Hence, startups can surely go for it as it offers seamless database management, fast query, and secured database.

  1. Postgre SQL

Postgre SQL is such a database application which does not enjoy high popularity. This is basically an open-source platform which is regarded as quite secure or safe. For various online games, this database framework has been used extensively. This 25 years old database platform is still highly popular, and it is regarded as amazingly user-friendly. It can sync perfectly with different operating systems, like Linux, Windows, Solaris, Mac OS X, etc. Hence, startups can definitely try this platform for their database management process. It will be lesser costly for them to implement this database application.

  1. Microsoft Access

If you are seeking a better version of SQL server, then you can definitely opt for the Microsoft Access. This is a desktop-based application, which can be effectively used for database queries on the eCommerce websites and other content management systems. It has to be noted that MS Access cannot be compared to SQL, as Access lacks a lot of features. It is a lightweight alternative to SQL which can be used frequently. But, if you want the features of the SQL, you would not get them with MS Access. You can only get them by installing the SQL server system. Since it is easy to use and cost-effective, startups often use it at the beginning stage.

  1. Teradata

When you are dealing with big data, Teradata can become an efficient database platform for you. This platform comes with a lot of interesting ranges of features and options for seamless and effective database management. The database platform has been used by Wall-Mart. So, if you are running an online retail business or eCommerce store, you can give a try to the Teradata database platform. It offers user-friendliness and optimum security to the users. For big data and the internet of things, the use of this database platform is highly recommended to the users.

  1. IBM DB2

The DB2 Universal Database (UDB) by IBM is extensively used database platform by the online businesses. This database server has been designed to deal with high load, huge data, and high workload availability. It has unmatched security in the offering, and thus, this database platform has been regarded as quite useful. When it comes to the database management platforms, nothing can match the seamlessness and cutting edge features of this database from IBM. So, startups can surely use this database platform for their business management purpose.

  1. Informix

This is another database server developed by the IBM, and it comes with excellent features and fast query processing facility. The database management platform has been primarily designed for educational institutions. So, if you run a startup that deals with educational institutions, this is the best platform for you. This database platform has been described as intelligence platform by the industry experts. It comes with a feature to integrate spatial data, JSON, and SQL.

  1. SAP ASE

Also known as Sybase, Adaptive Server Enterprise by the SAP is regarded as a high performing database application. For the banking and finance industry, this database is highly recommended. So, if you have a startup business in banking consultancy or financial consultancy industry, you can definitely make effective use of this database platform. It is robust, seamless, and powerful.

  1. SimpleDB by Amazon

If you are looking for the solid database management system, you can use SimpleDB by the Amazon. A large number of startups use this database management platform for their database management. Not just secured, it offers terrific efficiency in query processing.

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