big dataSoftware vendor Syncsort has partnered with Cloudera, provider of one of the most popular distributions of Apache Hadoop, to create a solution for customers who want to apply Hadoop-based analytics to data that sits on mainframes.

According to Syncsort, mainframes host mission critical corporate data for most Fortune 1000 companies. They are an essential component to be combined with unstructured data sources, such as web logs and clickstream data.

Additional benefit of making mainframes and Hadoop clusters talk to each other is the ability to offload processing capacity from the former to the latter.

Tim Stevens, VP of business and corporate development at Cloudera, said, “Enterprises are looking to ensure they can efficiently incorporate mainframe data into their big data initiatives. Syncsort’s Hadoop ETL product, DMX-h, allows market leading access to mainframe data as well as helping to reduce costs by replicating expensive mainframe batch processes in Hadoop.

“Combined with our best of class Hadoop distribution, customers can achieve a new level of efficiency and open the door to advanced Big Data analytics.”

Syncsort is promising a way to collect, process and distribute mainframe and legacy data in Hadoop with no coding, tuning or specialized mainframe skill requirements. Source