big dataWhen we talk about Big Data, we find some people saying that it’s just and no action while at the other side of the shore we find another set of people who claim that Big data delivers usable insights. My point is what exactly the arena is about.

I would call it to be a reality in which massive and distinct data enters your organization. If you’ll ever try to ask any big-data tycoon, the person won share his rules of implementing; call it corporate secrecy but one thing is for sure that Hadoop and NoSQL software services are growing rapidly. I though don’t have the exact study report as to where we can expect the future of our lives with Big Data analytics but there’s this one thing that I’m sure about, it is making real difference in our world today.

Let me share five points that would very well portray the importance of Big Data analytics. Here we go:

  • Exactly what you need: Big data analytics helps you to attain the right information you need everytime by focusing upon the right question you are for. May be this is what any business house would need to get flourished, save the time and get exactly what they are looking for.
  • Financial Trading: Big Data is proving itself to be of high-importance in financial trading sector. Trading decisions are primarily based on algorithms of Big Data Analytics and thus the major part of equity trading gets conducted or say find its right boulevard through these algorithms.
  • Let’s feel protected: did anyone ever give it a thought that how the National Security Agency in United States makes use of big data analytics to spy. I’ll share a part of it, Big Data Analytics help the forces to keep a track and even hold the criminals using this. Not only has this, even the credit card companies’ use the Big Data to detect fraudulent acts. As I said it earlier, ‘it’s all just a blink away’
  • Keeping performance intact: It is the work-force of Big Data Analytics that keep the machines and even your day to day devices performance in track. If this would not have been, upon asking Vegas streets, your GPS would have driven you to Argentina and I’m sure you would never accept that to happen.
  • A Pillar for Science: Science undoubtedly works over innovation and asking questions and finding answers to them but believe me when I say the transformations that we see today, are results of large contribution made by the Big Data Analytics. When I say this I also include the world’s largest particle accelerator kept in Swiss nuclear physics lab.

The points that I just shared with you aren’t mere designed to attract you towards the Big Data Analytics, but are facts that any nuclear scientist would readily accept. Big Data Analytics in today’s time has turn to be one of the basic necessities of the world; not only to flourish but also to keep the wheel revolving.

The post was by Vaishnavi Agrawal and her work has been published on various sites related to Big Data, Business Intelligence, Project Management, Cloud Computing, IT, SAP, Project Management and more.