Over the past five years, cryptocurrency has become one of the most exciting and popular topics in these web streets and offline. This may be due to a demand for more ways to generate the passive income it provides, or for the many innovative ways technology is advancing our world and how digital money has become the new rave, at least among tech geeks. 

In doing your research, you may have stumbled across so many forms of currencies, with the popular ones being Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin. But interesting development in more recent times has shone a light on PKT. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of it before, by the end of this article you should have discovered the wonders of this new coin, my! are they excellent, how it is mined, and the benefits involved. Let’s start by knowing what PKT is all about.

What is PKT Cryptocurrency            

PKT is a novel blockchain technology designed to pay you cryptocurrency when you decide to share your internet bandwidth with their network. It does this by paying PKT coin, which is a cryptocurrency in a large pool of digital money with more popular currencies like bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin, among a thousand other types of cryptocurrencies. 

In simple terms, PKT is traded for internet bandwidth. This makes it easier for large tech and Artificial Intelligence companies to access a larger bandwidth without restrictions to operate efficiently, eliminating processing delays as individuals with lower bandwidth needs are encouraged to share the extra, avoid unnecessary waste, and reward PKT crypto. This sounds like the easiest way to make money as you sleep!     

What’s more, is that this currency is decentralized with a total of 6 million coins to be mined across 63 years’ period, explaining that it won’t be finishing anytime soon. It’s based on proof of work (PoW) functionally known as PacketCrypt based on the hard function of the bandwidth, making it possible for users’ bandwidths to be maximally shared throughout the PKT system in the best possible way.                                                  

With a block time of 60 seconds for the chain, meaning for every 60 seconds, users are connected to the network with their bandwidth, they earn coins. Basically, you communicate with the network telling them that you are supplying a high-quality bandwidth when you mine the internet either alone or in a group with others. You can find more here on how most cryptocurrencies are mined. 

How PKT Pal Crypto Works          

mining pool coin

Are you interested in getting your hands on this coin? The standard way to do it is to mine it from your computer after buying the hardware that allows you to do so. When it comes to mining this crypto, two essential types of miners work in sync to provide better results.    

Announcement Mining

Any computer connected to this system can do this as it is the simplest and most convenient form of mining this currency. This process involves adding a hashtag and broadcasting it as a message in the form of an announcement to be spread across the network. The announcements serve as proof of finishing a task, and the more tasks are done, the higher chances of getting rewards.                            

Block Mining

This is the higher level from announcement mining requiring higher-level hardware and additional processing power if you are interested. After few announcements have been mined, block miners receive them. They play a significant role in validating and collecting announcements, making sure they are of a high standard and not made through dubious means.         

A PacketCrypt Proof (PCP) has to be created by the block miners, which will then be attached to their blocks created from announcements credited valid or acceptable. Transactions and the PCP are stored in the blocks, which will further be used to create chains. Because of how tasking block mining is, it is considered competition or game, working hard to collect announcements to form PCPs and winners receive payment at the end of the exhaustive process, which would trickle down to announcement miners who helped the process. To earn profits in the mining procedure, miners have to depend on their hardware and bandwidth.

Understanding PKT Crypto Benefits       

First of all, it is vital to note that any investment in this system reaps the rewards. Currently, the worth of the coin is 1/10 a regular penny. Moving on to the benefits of considering this new blockchain technology;            

There is No Need for Central Authority

Power is in your hands! As this is a decentralized currency, its value is influenced by the demand and supply of users. The economic factors rooting in the activity of the network, such as the number of users who control the system, are a considerable benefit giving them the final say and decision-making rights over their digital assets. 

This is one of the reasons, so many people go into crypto every day as opposed to when there is a central authority that takes that power away from you despite owning the coins.                         

Lower Risks

This also applies when decisions about your assets’ rest on your shoulders. The thing is, central authorities are vulnerable to a whole lot of issues, and subjecting your valuables to all those risks is not an intelligent decision. Blockchain has a very transparent nature that allows everyone to view transactions causing problems for those with dubious intentions such as hacking or compromising your currency.      

Lesser Fees

This is a huge benefit, especially among those who want to save money using cryptocurrency, as central authorities require specific bills to be paid. You are free from bigger dues with reduced fees from processing and transaction.


Everyone is big on safety when it comes to financial assets. Due to the decentralized nature of blockchain pkt pal, the safety of your assets is significantly increased as no hacker can access all the data stored in every block at the same time.

Take Away    

PKT crypto-cash offers a range of benefits from being technology inclined, to the blockchain, to its decentralized operating system promising a safe, affordable controlled platform to make your passive income dreams come true.