crm tools

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that businesses need to be prepared for any uncertainty. The work-from-home situation resulted in high demand for conferencing suites and video call software like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. 

With technology assisting organizations to run smoother and function coherently, it’s only common sense that businesses must invest in more tech that will help reduce costs, increase revenue and improve operational efficiency, not to mention provide an elevated customer experience.

Let’s go through the top technologies that businesses should be investing in.


A customer relationship management (CRM) solution is a cloud-based software tool built to effectively communicate with customers via various channels all in one place. CRMs also provide project management systems and integration with apps such as Office 365, e-mail and Google apps, allowing businesses to work remotely. With many more benefits, CRM systems are a worthwhile tech investment.

Security Technologies

To ensure the safety of sensitive customer information and also for the safety of businesses themselves, not investing in security technologies would be foolish. E-mail encryptions, password security, malware, security protocols for online transactions and more all hold much importance.

Cloud Storage

virtual storage system creates a safe hub for all your business files, customer data, inventories and other useful documents allowing business owners to access and retrieve the data from anywhere. It makes it easy to share information and also work remotely if required.

Smart Payments (Finance & Accounting)

Finance and accounting information is confidential and always at risk of a breach. Managing business finances and payment methods is made easy by finance software programs. Being more flexible with mobile payments would be a game-changer.

Machine Learning/AI

Natural language processing has already been successful with voice search and voice assistance integrated in all smart devices. As machines evolve to start working similarly to humans, investing in AI will bring a lot of benefits.

Wearable Technology

Wearable tech can make employees more productive. Smart devices such as ring scanners eliminate the need for manual data entry, and smart glasses provide vital visual data in real-time to assist maintenance technicians working remotely. Wearable tech is predicted to be adopted by 70 percent of the manufacturing industry by 2025.


Especially for delivery purposes, drones are proving to be the next best option. Dominoes is already experimenting with the concept of drone pizza. Drones are also helpful for scanning, mapping, gathering data, photography and imaging. 


Blockchain is a network across public or private computers, storing real-time records of transactions between people or companies. Blockchain’s records of transactions are visible to everyone on the network, therefore it’s harder to commit fraud, and this technology is spread over a vast network so transactions happen faster than bank transactions. 

As this technology advances, industries like medical, education, insurance and retail are likely to hop on the blockchain network system.

Gain a Competitive Edge With Technology

Advanced technology helps companies achieve and maintain a competitive upper hand. By taking advantage of the technology available, businesses would increase efficiency and productivity not to mention reduce unnecessary costs. Making the right investment in suitable technology will see a sure-shot way to success!