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Marketing is getting more expensive in 2022, and new customers are getting harder. If you are the owner of a company and want to promote it, then creating a personal brand on the Internet can significantly reduce the cost of marketing the company as a whole. Let’s figure out how to competently create a community around yourself and turn content into an additional source of income.

Let’s understand the terms. A brand is not a product, a thing, or a celebrity. A brand is all those emotions and associations that arise when they are mentioned. We say, Messi – we remember football and Barcelona. We say Apple – there are associations with innovation, convenience, and prestige. We say Porsche and immediately imagine the top of luxury.

A successful blog and personal brand can provide a great income so that all of the above-mentioned can become a reality for you. The ability to travel and hire luxurious cars from the best rental companies will be possible, even hiring Porsche UAE or renting Lamborghini. So why is a personal brand profitable and how to achieve great results?

Why is it profitable to promote a personal brand

  • First, to develop the company’s brand on social networks, you need to tell: who is its founder, how it appeared, how long it has been operating, etc.
  • Second, large brands use the same promotion tools as start-up companies. Because of this, the cost of advertising is high. And if you decide to promote your business through a personal brand, then such a move will significantly save the budget.
  • Third, the audience is tired of impersonal content. People need to see a face that demonstrates experience and expertise.

What is the uniqueness of a personal brand?

Here we noted the main advantages of promoting a personal brand. Below we will reveal each in more detail.

  • It is easier to sell targeted services. Due to the abundance of companies and advertising, people trust the brand with a face more, so you can become just the person who represents the business on the network.
  • Audience loyalty is consistently above average. This point follows from the first. In business, sales through the “face-to-face” method are more effective. Business publicity – you are being watched. A person who is interested in your industry will pay attention to the blog. You claim on the Internet that your business is transparent, and you have nothing to hide.
  • People understand that you are a real person with real experience. Everything is simple here. Openness on the Internet has a positive effect on trust.
  • Monetization. The better and more useful the marketing content, the more you will earn.

Monetization of a personal brand

  • Through direct services. You talk directly about your services: their advantages, features and benefits. If you offer expensive services/goods, then through a personal brand you can not only prove their value but also create the necessary image with the help of high-quality content.
  • Networking (or entering a certain environment). Let’s explain how this is related to the promotion of a personal brand. When you attract an audience on the Internet, the first thing is important to analyze competitors and target subscribers’ requests. During the audit, in any case, you will understand who it is important to interact with. So a new positive community will begin to form around you.
  • Advertising services. Let’s say you already have more than 200K target subscribers. Such an account has extensive reach and engagement. This means you can advertise something in your account (getting a good percentage from it). There are two advantages here: you get the opportunity to search for partners and significantly increase earnings.

Although you can create a blog in five minutes, it’s not easy to benefit from it. A large audience does not guarantee a stable flow without the right monetization strategy. This is one of the tasks that require effort, self-discipline and self-study from a blogger. But in the future, this knowledge can be turned into a highly profitable business.